PLEASE SHARE THIS! To define loneliness! Most are isolate


To define loneliness! Most are isolated and feels alone! A lot of us think its physical. I.e. not having someone to hold us, to be their for us! But is comfortable with being by ourselves!

First you must realize there are 3 types of loneliness.
1. Physically alone
2. Emotionally alone
3. Spiritually alone

1. Deals with a partner. Someone you want to build a life together. To understand each others needs and desires.
2. Deals with friendships. People who understand us, who's their for us when we need someone to talk to, to help us out of a jam. Or even be a wing person so we can hopefully find the right partner.
3. Deals with life after death! The great unknown (for most) I've been in this earth more times than i can remember, or count! There's more to this world than most realize, and death isn't an end it's just the remembrance of something we've forgotten! The cycle of life. (I don't mean reincarnation of going from human to animal to human again) i will not go into a philosophical debate on this point! Because you'll remember once you've gone back to the other side!

Since technology has taken over our world. Most are emotionally alone, thinking someone online can fill this void in my heart! It can to a point, but not completely! It's human interactions that we crave. We physically need someone beside us to pick us up if we're down, not just a kind word or some advice we're seeking, but true understanding that only comes from laughter, enjoyment of company, the reason to get off the laptop/tablet/phone, out of our house/ruts that we've placed upon ourselves!
By Ambiguous Light

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Thanks stony thoseare useful distinctions. I know ive experienced all three.