Positive Self-Talk

Our brains are amazing and complex and unless you are a neurologist, the wonders of it are hard to fathom. The amount of ideas, dates and information it can process are astounding. So within the realm of our many cognitive processes, there's an inner voice that constantly chatters, sometimes in the background, and at other times, very loudly in the forefront of our minds. This is the voice of self talk. Self-talk is that running dialogue when you look in the mirror or when you are trying to accomplish something new or hard and you hear something like, “I wouldn’t wear that, it makes you look fat” or “Are you sure you can even do that?”. Negative self-talk seems to be the default setting we come with most days, but positive self-talk can be cultivated and internalized, it just takes practice.

This blog delves into the significance of positive self-talk and how we can work on being kinder to ourselves, setting the mantra for today and everyday that we are important, worthy and amazing.

Understanding Self-Talk
Self-talk refers to the stream of unspoken thoughts and conversations that constantly run through our head. These can be automatic reactions to situations, rehearsed lines from past conversations, future anticipations, or even day-to-day reflections.
As we said before, negative self-talk which is riddled with doubts, criticisms, and self-deprecating thoughts is often our default mode. We should be our own best cheerleader, but instead, we become our biggest critic.

The Power of Positive Self-Talk
Here's where the game changes. Positive self-talk is not about deluding yourself with false praise or affirmation. It's about restructuring our internal biases, building resilience, and viewing ourselves and others from a balanced, more compassionate perspective.

Over time positive self-talk will:
•Boost your self esteem: When we treat ourselves kindly and tell ourselves how powerful we are using positive affirmations, we learn our value and recognize and appreciate our strengths.
•Enhances our ability to succeed: When we focus on the probability that we can excel, our ability to succeed and overcome obstacles is endless.
•Elevates our emotional well being: When we are kind to ourselves and repeat affirmations of greatness and power, we start to believe in ourselves. This allows us to feel less stressed, anxious and overall, our satisfaction in life increases.

Internalizing Positive Self-Talk
Shifting from negative to positive self-talk is not an overnight task. It requires conscious effort and persistence. Here are some steps to guide this transition:
•Awareness: Recognize and observe your self-talk patterns. By identifying when and why negative self-talk arises, you can actively counteract it.
•Challenge & Replace: Whenever you start thinking negatively, challenge its validity and replace it with a more balanced or positive affirmation. Instead of, “I can’t possibly do this, it is too overwhelming and I am not up to the task,” think “I can do amazing things, so instead of getting overwhelmed, I will break this down into manageable chunks and I will slay!”
•Affirmations: Incorporate daily positive affirmations into your routine. These are statements that propel you towards your best self, such as "I am incandescent" or "I am a total Boss, nothing can stand in my way."
•Practice Mindfulness & Meditation: Techniques such as mindful meditation can help anchor you to the present moment, reducing the influx of negative thoughts. You can sit with the thought, “I am powerful” and then meditate on the ways you have been powerful in the past, the people who inspire you and how you can channel your power to enhance your life in the present and future.
•Limit Negativity Intake: Be cautious about the content you consume. Surrounding yourself with positivity, whether it's through uplifting books, podcasts, or individuals, can further reinforce positive thinking.
•Celebrate Small Wins: Instead of waiting for monumental successes, learn to celebrate and affirm small achievements along the way.

Internalizing positive self-talk is like planting a garden. With consistent effort, patience, and care, seeds will grow and plants will flourish. Much like a garden, when you put in the time and effort to be kinder and more compassionate to yourself, your mental landscape will transform. Anyone can do this, it may seem impossible at first, but all it takes is replacing one negative thought with a positive and doing it again and again and again.

We believe in you so much, you amaze and inspire us everyday, continue to be strong, powerful and open to endless greatness.
All the best,
Team SG

Food for Thought:
What is a mantra you currently use?
Have you ever used positive Self-Talk? Did it help?
Are you willing to try it?


Wow what an awesome read. Really enjoyed it. I have always believed in being positive. I do stray into the negative sometimes(I'm human afterall). But I've noticed on many a times that by even thinking positively, our minds can open doors to our problems and do wonders in our lives. But of course like the article says, it doesn't happen overnight.
A famous person was once invited to a anti-war rally. They declined saying invite me to a peace rally i will come. The difference is removing the negativity and spreading the positivity.

@Sailorboy No one is positive all the time, nor should they, life isn’t always a happy experience. That is such a good point, we shouldn’t be against things per se, we should be for the opposite. Very interesting perspective!