Possible relapse

I was originally diagnosed in December 1999 as IVB. I went through 8 cycles of ABVD. I have been in remission since. I have had a few scares through the years. Recently I was hospitalized with double pneumonia. While in the hospital, a CT showed a 4.5cm lesion in my spleen with vasculature and 2 2cm lesions, both with 2mm non calcified, non-descript bordered nodes surrounding them. These lesions also contained vasculature. I have been having occasional (couple x's/wk) night sweats for the past few months. I have been experiencing severe itching on my lower legs and calves about 4x's/week in the evening usually. Originally, my cervical lymph nodes were HUGE. Now I just have a few small nodes in my neck. I feel like I have a difficult time breathing when I lay on my back.

I am just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms or a late relapse (ie: 10years).

Thanks for your help.


I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing these symptoms. When was your last check-up? Are you scheduled to see your oncologist any time soon?

While I do not have HL, my husband, 33, who was originally diagnosed about 4 years ago, relapsed about 2 years ago after 1 year in remission. We do know that before he was originally diagnosed and also before his relapse, he showed similar signs of the night sweats (drenching ones) and the itching. His itching was usually on the upper portion of his body (back, abdomen, etc.) Not sure if it makes a difference where it's located, but I know the effects are not only unnerving but uncomfortable as well.

I sincerely hope that your oncologist doesn't find anything or that if he does, any treatment you might need will be minimal and easy to take. All the best to you. Will keep you in my thoughts.