*possible trigger warning* I am new here. I joined today

I am new here. I joined today to gain more support in my recovery from self harm. I’ve been cut free for 3 years yay! Every time I feel unheard or misunderstood I get overwhelmed which leads to an incredibly strong urge to cut again. I fight it with everything I’ve got and so far have overcome it. I’ve been feeling weak though lately. Wondering if there’s anyone out there who knows what it’s like to wrestle with the intense urges of self harm years after last giving in. Hoping to find that here

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@TCVK welcome to support groups and welcome to the Self-Harm group.
If you need to talk, my dm's are available. It might take me a bit to respond back, to you. But I will get back with you.
I have some experience working with people who self-harm, I was trained as an emotional listener at 7cups, then I was trained as a crisis and recovery counselor, through Vibrant Emotional Health.
At Vibrant, I was trained in Psychological First Aide, Psychological Recovery, and SAMHSA Just-In-Time.
I got my certification in a Counseling Program, through SAMHSA.

Not sure what @godlovesus "dm's" are, but you are certainly welcome here! Congratulations on your ongoing recovery! It is great to have more success stories in the group, and your insights into the process will be most valuable.

@buddhabob Dm’s are direct messages.

Hi and welcome. You can msg me.

@spark_girl Hugs if you accept them and need them, my friend.