***possible trigger warning*** I feel like my emotions are

***possible trigger warning***
I feel like my emotions are suffocating me. I can't think and what was once my safe haven is being broken apart. I don't know how to deal with this anymore but I know it hurts too much. I've tried so many "proper" ways to figure it out but it's not working. My parents don't understand it and they only think I'm acting out. I end up crying almost everyday and I can't control my pain. It's always too much pain or too much numbness and I don't know which is worse. I can't focus in school or in any of the things I loved doing. I don't know how to keep going anymore. I know I can't physically take that final step but it clouds my mind and it doesn't stop. I don't know how to cope with this.

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I can relate to this big time. I was in the same situation for a majority of the year last year. I made the mistake of hiding it from everyone except for one of my friends. I found that just talking to that one friend on the daily and telling them how I felt gave me some relief. Also let yourself cry... it helps release a lot of the emotion you have inside. If you ever need someone to talk to or rant to about how you are feeling feel free to message me. I'm a good listener. Best of luck!

hi why not try a counsillor or a therapist who can help you with this.. ask your parents to take you there.. they are qualified people dealing with any mental and emotional issues. life can be challenging at times and you need to face it bravely. we are there to support you.... take care...