. post #3 on causes and strategies of binge behavior: 2

. POST #3 ON CAUSES AND STRATEGIES OF BINGE BEHAVIOR: 2. BINGEING AS A RESULT OF EMOTIONS OR STRONG FEELINGS: We all eat emotionally on occasion, but some of us, emotional eating can result in a binge eating or bulimia disorder especially if we haven’t found alternate more healthy strategies for dealing with our stress and emotions. If you immediately go to food after an argument with a friend, you’re probably an emotional eater. Certain refined carbohydrates such as candy, cookies, and chips are often chosen for emotional eating because they; 1. Contain fat and sugar which are very palatable and rewarding to your taste and brain chemistry. As such THESE FOOD ENCOURAGE FOR BINGE BEHAVIOR. Many who binge will binge on everything. Bingeing is a compulsive behavior that feels out of control. Emotional eaters try to eat as much as possible to distract of uncomfortable issues in their lives and to suppress uncomfortable feelings. The "real" issues for an emotional eater to consider dealing with include feelings of loneliness or emptiness, to stuff down or drown out fear. In other words, bingeing helps one to distance themselves from their emotions. Obviously recovery involves finding ways of dealing with these real issues and tolerating the feelings that may be involved.

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Is it possible to stop binge eating by yourself like if u want tonight?

@carlahhhh Absolutely but you need to have some strategies in your tool box. How about this one; when confronted with a food urge, take in a slow deep breath to a slow count of four, then exhale to a slow count of four. Repeat this breathing three more times and get away from the food. Just one idea, but you need a basket of strategies to deal with these evening binge urges. Keep participating as many here offer great ideas as well as their heart-felt support.

I really find your posts helpful. This explains when I stuff food so fast I choke, and it's such a frenzy. I don't nor can I afford the treatment I need, so post like this will help in the interium. Keep posting!

@want2know So glad you find this information helpful. My suggestion for you is to start focusing on slowing your eating down. Some suggestions to consider: BEFORE YOU START EATING UNPLANNED FOOD, take four slow deep breaths, (breath in to a slow count of four, then exhale to a slow count of four.) This is a proven method for changing your mental state. Once you have practiced this breathing exercise, go to the table and write in your food journal. Record your thoughts about what is going on as well as any emotions you sense with your binge urge. If you determine you must eat, do so but record all foods eaten and sit at the kitchen table while eating. Turn off the t.v. and avoid any device, computer, phone etc. so that your focus is entirely on the eating process. If you’ll do this, you’re going to significantly interrupt the gorging process you’ve described. I believe you can make significant progress in your recovery by putting a strong effort on mindful eating techniques. These techniques include: Drinking a glass of water before eating a meal to take the edge off. Before beginning to eat, make an effort to determine how much food will be needed to satisfy you and then plating that amount of food. Eating food should be a pleasurable experience, so try to savor every bite. Put your utensil down while chewing and tasting each bite. Periodically stop and access your satisfaction level so that when you feel satisfied, quit eating. It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to start recognizing this feeling of satisfaction. If you’re able to eat so that you savor each bite, place your utensil down as you chew, you should have no difficulty having your meal last for at least 20 minutes. When you do feel satisfied, stop eating and be sure to throw the rest of the food on your plate away as doing so encourages you to have a feeling of being in control of your eating. I realize that these eating processes that I have suggested could be difficult to practice at first, especially if you’re used to just blowing through your meal while NOT using mindful approaches but when you have mastered this healthy eating technique and it’s a new healthy habit for you, you’ll experience additional freedom from the binge eating cycle. Please let me know how things are going with these ideas as I have other specific ideas to help.

Thank you for breaking it down. I do know a lot of mindfulness but I guess as been binging most of my life I never even thought of mindful eating. It would be so awesome to just throw away some food, and I will try your method as honestly never have. I usually just gorge as if taking in a breath it's that fast. I will work on it and let you know. This is the best help I every received, so thanks!

@want2know It’s nice knowing that some of my words help. Keep us informed and get back to me when you feel you’ve mastered these ideas. Let’s get you moving forward towards your recovery.