Post Polio Symdrome

Hi everyone, My name is Dennis and I suffer from post polio sysdrome, one of the sysptoms is chronic fatigue, the biggest one. I try to let my body tell me when I need to rest and just stop for awhile and lay down. Somedays tireder then others so I just relax and hope the next day is better. hard to want to do something and not have the energy, depreessing also. I ask God to give me emery to get thru each day when I go to sleep for the night, usually works. Dennis in Tucson

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Sorry for my typing, but I forgot to preview first. Dennis Found out how to edit after I sent the post, live and learn.

LOL, I do that all the time on this site :).

I was wondering what the symptoms of post polio were though. Thank you for clarifying that.

I recently found this site while loking for a support site for my sons hair pulling and now am looking to find a group about post polio syndrome.
I am 63 now and got polio in 1953 when I turned 1.After several surgery's and learning how to walk again, I lived a fairly normal life except I could never last at any one job too long because of pain and weakness in legs,ankles,lower back.I finally found that driving trucks was perfect for me as I could rest when needed as I owned my own truck and worked my own schedule.In 1983 I started falling down without warning an injuring myself.I didnt know what was going on until my parents sent me an article about PPS.I worked another 10 years but the falls got worse and I was tired more so I retired.The pain is horrible and the only thing doctors have done after trying physical therapy is pain meds.I dont know what I would do without the meds, but at the same time, I hate them.Is anyone else dealing with the same issues?

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@Jack67521 - I’m not dealing w/this issue but, wanted to Welcome you here, stay w/us & keep talking/posting in as many groups as you’d like to join, am glad your willing to talk about what your experiencing. Feel free to message me any time if you’d like & do know theres good folks here to chat with.

I also have been diagnosed with post polio syndrome and the main symptom for me is fatigue. My neurologist prescribed modafinil which I've been using for about two years with much success adding 3 or four hours a day of useful activity. This is an expensive medication and a controlled substance normally used for narcolepsy and shift sleep disorder. I switched Medicare providers this year because the out of pocket for this drug went up. I found a company on the Medicare Web Site that offered it at a lower cost. The new company will not pay for the drug. It is aggravating. I found it through GoodRx at a lower cost than my out of pocket would have been with Medicare. It supposedly doesn't work for polio fatigue but I met at least one person who was in one the studies and she said it worked for her. I read one of the two studies done and they had a sample size of thirty and results were based on self-reporting. I can't believe claim acceptance is based on this kind of crap. Any way this works for me.