Pregnancy Checklist for Solo moms, Single and Expecting

I helped my daughter get through pregnancy as a single mom, mainly by putting together a checklist for her to follow to releve the stress and help her get organised. She loved it and so did one of her friends that were going through the same thing so I decided to turn it into an eBook that I am happy to give away for free in the hope that it could greatly benefit other single moms-to-be.

The book is titled “Single & Expecting: Pregnancy Checklist for Solo Moms” and provides a comprehensive step-by-step guide tailored specifically for women experiencing pregnancy without a partner.

This 145-page free eBook offers practical and important checklists, financial planning advice, tips on building a support system, self-care strategies, and much more. If you click on this Google Docs link eBook you will get the book in a PDF file. (no sales, marketing or anything dodgy, just a free eBook). Hope you enjoy.

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Hello @AlexJEllison,

This is such a remarkable resource. Thank you for sharing your eBook with our community! I am sure this will help so many mothers-to-be. With love, SG