Pregnant & Scared

Im 25 weeks pregnant & will be 26weeks on the 12-08-12 im scared that I might miscarriage again I pray that me & my unborn child make it thru each day here trying to find some peace of mind Lord knws that I couldnt handle another lost

I completely understand, I would breathe a huge sigh of relief around week 27 when the odds of survival outside the womb was possible, then I would relax a bit more at 30 weeks when the lungs were a bit more developed, 36 weeks felt like the finish line and everything past that was cake.

Rest and take care of both of you, try to focus on all the wonderful feelings of life and hang in there-I know it is so worrisome when you have had a miscarriage previously, it does steal some of the joy of being pregnant again. Try to be as calm as possible and plow through the last trimester with grace.