Processed Foods are Bad For Us

I know that processed foods are bad for me, though I still eat them because it's quick and easy. I'm talking about the deli meats and cheeses that are wrapped in plastic...probably not the best for me. This article discusses just why processed foods are bad for our diet;

"When was the last time you really took a close look at the nutrition label on many of the processed food items you regularly eat? If your diet consists mostly of products that come in a can, jar, foil-wrap or cardboard container, they have likely been ultra-processed by one of the food manufacturing giants.

Processed foods make up the majority of calories eaten by Americans every day, and are largely void of the essential nutrients our body uses to properly metabolize calories and regulate fat storage. Research demonstrates the importance of controlling our diet to ensure proper nutrition and avoid dangerous chemical additives that slow weight loss and promote chronic disease.

Ultra-Processed Foods are Developed in a Food Laboratory
Food manufacturers know that their food must appeal to your evolved sense of taste for sweet, salt and fat. We crave these tastes so we will want to eat natural foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that help prevent disease. Instead, laboratory foods are infused with sugar and hydrogenated fats that tease our taste buds and provide us with little more than empty calories that boost blood sugar, cause weight gain and initiate chronic illnesses including cancer, heart disease and diabetes...."

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Source:, 11/29/10

Its only because of its convienence and widely available status that make it so easily accessable that the majority of the world eats processed foods....
I havent ate any processed foods in almost a year and my insides feel clean and healthy.

Wow, that's so incredibly impressive Gina! I really need to hope on that bandwagon. I need to make a commitment to myself and my body. I need to cleanse out all of the processed foods. This will be my last week eating anything processed, I'm going to finish the foods in my fridge and then I'm done. You are so inspiring, thank you!