Prostate cancer post My baby brother diagnosed with prostat

prostate cancer post
My baby brother diagnosed with prostate cancer in May. 61 yr. old, PSA 84, tumor shut down urination, outfitted with a Nephostomy tube and bags (he HATES THEM), finished 6 infusions of Docetaxel. PSA down to 8. biggest problem is infections (very serious). Anybody out there dealt with the tubes and bags and have any suggestions. he's overwhelmed with all this. Lives alone with a lovely German Shepherd. He's in Dallas, I'm in Boston. what meds do you recommend for depression? thank you. K.

I work with a lot of cancer patients. I'm not a nurse so can't speak as well to the equipment, but in my company we try to stay away from antidepressants for cancer patients unless the depression is severe and resistant to other intervention. Therapy/counseling would probably be more effective in managing his depression and helping him deal with his diagnosis, which I'm assuming is the source of his depression (rightly so). Hope that helps. I'm here if you need any more info.


Dear Ana -

I’m a big therapy, support group person, but he is not. However, he has an appt with a new doc - a “hospitalist” next week. She seems to be affiliated with the Oncology Dept. If my brother could be convinced to ask for help, how would he go about it?

You may not feel comfortable saying, but how is it that you work with cancer patients? Thank you for responding