Prozac and the Pill

Hi there,
I have OCD and have been on Prozac for the last 6 months.While increasing the dose from 20-40-60mg/day has definitely improved my OCD considerably, I am not happy with the level of anxiety I still feel at this stage of treatment.I mentioned changing drugs with my psychiatrist but she wants me to stay on prozac for another 3 months at least. I went to my GP to get a prescription for the Pill and he had huge concerns that because the Pill (I'm on microlite) is mood altering, that this may be a reason why the Prozac is not working to the level I had anticipated. I am awaiting a reply from my Psychiatrist on this matter but wonder if anyone in this group could offer me some advice.

I've been on prozac for over 16 years. It started off with an eating disorder and 16 years later....I can't seem to get off the dang drug. It's like it was just a bandaid...and everytime I get off I go 2 or 3 months and then I start having ed problems again. I hate the drug. I wish I'd never taken it. If anyone has any helpful or positive feedback...I'm open! :) Oh and not to mention.....I've always had to take an anti anxiety med cuz if gives me terrible anxiety as well! I just want OFF.

hello ive been on prozac for a year now for depression and bad pms. it has helped me tremendously i dont get into bad moods like i did before i tried to get off it but had dizzy spells and i was sick. id prefer to stay on it i think.