Psoriatic Arthritis

Just womdered if anyone has psoriatic arthritis? Where i live there aren't support groups. My husband and grown children try to understand why i am limited in activities. When i go see my grandkids I am the happiest, but for days afterwards I am stiff and unable to do much. I have taken Enbrel injections once a week for 15 months and it has slowed down progression of damage to my joints. As far as my doctor knows there is no help for the joints that have already been damaged.

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2003 when 11 finger and toe joints suddenly swelled and became very painful. Walking was so uncomfortable that I preferred to sit with my feet up in a lounge chair all day or as much as I could. I asked St. Jude to heal me through a St. Jude novena. I prayed earnestly. Then I did what I could to alleviate the inflammation that seemed to be wracking my extremeties. By this I mean I went to acupuncture for many treatments and acupressure for many months. I kept icing the swollen joints and kept moving them. Even while driving I kept a frozen bottle of water in hand to keep intermittent ice on my swollen finger joints. I got a lot of rest and stayed out of work for a couple of years. Gradually God restored me to health in or within 2 years. Now, in 2013, I am so grateful and I will never forget the power of prayer and my St. Jude novena(s). And, I believe that alternative treatments can be our allies in times of pain. I am sorry you are going through such an experience as psoriatic arthritis but don't despair. Turn it over to the Lord Jesus and if you haven't tried acupuncture or acupressure maybe you should give them a try. I hope you feel better soon. God bless.

I forgot to add that the swelling in all of the swollen joints, except one toe, went down to normal.

Yes I have psoriatic arthritis. Never thought I'd be 25 with arthritis. :(

I have it too, i am now 32 but have been dealing with it for years, finally got diagnosed in 2015, on humira every other week. Having a bad flare now, called of work today (im a nurse) boss was rude when i did, made me feel worse, havent called off for awhile tho. My bf doesn't get it, when i told him i called off he said good, you can clean the house today.......if i cant go to work due to pain why would he say that?! I feel i may be emotionally abused. Sorry you are having pain too :(

@Hollypgh I’m going through the same thing. I take humira, but it hasn’t been enough lately. I have had to call in sick at work several times because I can’t walk in the morning. I feel as though I am getting little compassion. I am just so tired of it all. I’m so tired of explaining it, feeling it, advice, observations (your scalp looks bad today), and trying to figure out what’s triggering it.

@Hollypgh I am so sorry to hear that all and I am sorry to intrude, but you should have a read on the 'Narcissist' forum too perhaps? That little empathy rings all my bells. I have had both too. Psoriasis AND the crazy boyfriend, I wonder if there is a connection that both disappeared together?