Pulling it Altogether

I finally got an appointment with someone who will biopsy my scalp next week and find out what is going on. It's a bit scary, but I need to have it done so I can get the right treatment. I tell you though, health care is changing and you have to stick up for yourself to get anything done. This was a physcician's assistant that I saw today, and he does not seem to be able to pull it together and see me as a whole person. I have swollen joints in my ankles and he told me they were fat pads!!! So, I am not sure I trust him to biopsy although he acted like he could really do it and I will get after him if he hurts me or shaves off too much of my hair or something. He actually told me that I am getting old and the changes I am going through are related somewhat to aging. Oh Yeah? So I am hoping to know from the pathology report what is really happening on my scalp. I was an avid sunbather in the 80's and would put olive oil in my hair and on my scalp. So these changes on my scalp cause me concern and am tired of all the different diagnosis they come up with, maybe I'll finally get some answers.

You are in my prayers. Everything will go well. Take care of yourself. Have faith and God bless you always.