Purely for the sake of vanity?

I've posted this a few times and a couple of people have confirmed that they had been there. But nobody made any comments here or there.

So once again, Purely for the sake of vanity??
check out:


click on the (first link in the Blog archive. 2010 and look at post #20) Then - tell me?? ;-) lol. Am I a hunk
or what?? lol.

If it's too big or what ever, if you double click on the picture it will resize to fit on your screen. Or feel free to check out any of the other posts. #20 is the only one that has any pictures at this point though. Thats sure to change soon. Photography, Video, and Sound is why I started it to begin with.

I've been doing some Pro. HD. camera work for a friends TV show. I'm working on learning to rescale, change the format and all that so I can post some of that stuff on U-tube that will be accessible quickly and easily from the same place, eventually. Just cuz.

C-ya trick


this is another one for the boys to find for me when they get home, at this rate they wont want to join us for xmas and will prob regret buying me my laptop but hey ho

well i suppose u tube is one place to get noticed i had the grandsons show me the site, it looks pretty amazing and i was flabbergasted at the ammount of materials u could find

will let u know in the new year how/what i think and i might give it a go again but i have probs with the cut and paste thing still

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

K D:) I look forward to you seeing your Boys. My own mother is much the same way.

Wising you much love and happiness.

Patrick L.

I saw & your a hunk.

Aw Blush blush…

But I guess Thats Kina what I was Fishin for.

Thanks hun.

Trick, are ya trying to pick up chicks or what? LOL.

No Dizz,

I do have fun flirting some times, But I promise I’m harmless It’s just innocent playfulness.

Why are you lokin to get picked up? LOL. ;-0


I tried man. I really tried to get to that post of yours. But, comes a point you admit defeat. Isn't there any other way to get there. Hell, meeting you in person; gas, logistics, the fact I'm directionally challenged and otherwise it still seems like an easier endeavor. Nice try though. Thanks.