Purple Fruit - Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis

This is a great article discusses how purple fruits are so good for warding off Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis;

"Research from Professor Douglas Kell, at the University of Manchester, has found that the majority of debilitating illnesses are in part caused by faulty compounds of iron which cause the production of dangerous toxins that damage the body.

These toxins, called hydroxyl radicals, cause degenerative diseases of many kinds in different parts of the body.
In order to protect the body from these dangerous varieties of poorly-bound iron, it is vital to take on nutrients, known as iron chelators, which can bind to the iron tightly and detoxify it...."


Source: Telegraph.co.uk, 12/8/10

so interesting, who knew this about fruits especially for some reason specifically purple fruits.

I know! I love these the new and continual research that we are presented with, so that we can nip prospective issues in the bud.