putting on a brave face

most of my single friends got into relationships now, but me still single . Tried the dating app just get the scammer or men who only want my body.

What age range or Group are you in, such as 20’s, 30’s, middle aged, or moving into senior territory?

The only reason why I say that is because relationships aren’t always as good as people think they are. If you’re young, it’s understandable, or if you’re in your 30’s, it’s understandable as far as why you would want to be in a relationship. Considering that you used a dating app, I’m guessing that you’re probably quite young.

Give it time, and the right guy will come along for you. Don’t make the same mistakes that I made by allowing loneliness to cloud your judgement. One bad decision that’s made in the heat of passion can lead to a lifetime of misery. It’s not a horse race or competition either, so even if your friends are in a relationship, you shouldn’t feel the need to be in one because of that.