Puzzled in finding help

I don't understand how to find HELP (depression). I have no family or friends to ask. The Dr. does not answer my questions and quickly changes the subject matter...gives endless referals that go no where. Communicates with my employer that nothing is wrong leading to my quick dissmissal for seeing the Dr. The years pass and the depression is deep into a snakpit no way out... what a mess. No place to go... talk heart, to heart with confindintality. Most people don't care or a desire to care to understand. It's been a long road of no hope...or answers that I search for....HELP! I'ts a hard find.

Hi woodchuck, i'm sorry that your concerns are being dismissed by your work and health care providers. I would strongly suggest that you find another primary doctor who can be a bit more helpful to you...why stick with someone if the relationship isnt working? You are the patient, he/she is the doctor, it is your RIGHT to ask questions and seek answers and like wise it is your doctors DUTY to help you find answers/seek treatment.


hi hon i have to agree with lilac u need to move health care provider to find some one who fits your needs, i can appreciate the road is bleak and barren at the moment but i hope that all of us here can become a support network for u and at least listen to your needs/problems/fears with respect and offer honest advice/support/knowledge even if its just to say hi how are u doing each day

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Finding the right doctors is very important. What kind of medical coverage do you have?

I can relate to you right now. I do have family but I feel like they just don't want to deal with me, so they stay away for the most part.Which makes it even worse because its the holidays and all. I have a large family but I just feel alone in my depression. No one understands it or even wants to. I feel bad for you...I do. Most people think that you can control it if you just try hard enough.

Hi domestic & krazy2001 & wherewillthisend

Perhaps you don't understand...how many care providers can you go to? After awhile your exausted hearing sorry there nothing we can do...after giving it your best shot. As for medical coverage it's lost when your termanited / disimissed for seeking help. Now when you don't have insurance the medical providers will not accept you...just out of luck and they just don't care. Thank You for your replys are appreciated.
Rejection is bad...but when it comes to health care providers who reject...so much worse, it deepens the depression and causes a greater anxiety. I can why some people just give up in this world...it's just been a bad experience in trying.

Sorry to hear about that woodchuck...surely with some research you will be able to find someone who CAN help, or if need be how about checking urself into a hospital?

I can feel your pain woodchuck, it feels like you are not being heard and that no one seems to be able to help. I know finding help is hard and especially when you have the repoir with a therapist and even a new therapist is excruciating. It seem like you've been through so many avenues that you feel like just another file number on their shelves. Then you go through the feeling like why burden another therapist, they can't help me, no one else can so whats the point anymore. I have been there many times before and still find myself at those crossroads on occasion. What does my life mean?
You have to stop the cycle, it's easier to go downhill than to climb up. You can't help this it's not your fault, the genetics and chemical stabilities in your brain are causing this pain. Take inventory and get rid of what no longer serves you. Helplessness, hopelessness, despair....all these feelings and more, need to be realeased in a perhaps long and painful journey. But also in a loving atmosphere.. You have done wonderful thing by coming here and sharing your stories with us. We really are here to support you. Please keep us updated and let us know whatever we can do to help.

Love and Light

hey woodchuck,
im so sorry about ur struggles. i know myself how devastating and frustrating it is when you desperatly need and seek help yet nobody wants to give it to you. i had to quit my job because the health system in england wasn't going to help me anymore. it's dreadful to have to fight for help when your depression drives you to give up.

can i ask if you were ever able to get any counselling or such before all medical provision was messed up?


What state are you in? If you got terminated for seeking help you might be able to sue to get the company to pay your health coverage. Termination for a disability is wrong. Also check with Soc sec about getting disability

i agree with krazy. long term depression is considered a disability so maybe you could get further help that way!

great thinking, krazy!

Up dateing a few replies...and you asked I answer... and Thank You All for the replies!

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The first visit started with the ER…they only gave a referral and nothing more… so much for checking in. Months pass I discuss relationships in depth with a and in every aspect of life known… it only had an adverse on my life. They don’t give knowledge you can use…they don’t care about urgency…pain is only a 9 to 5 job with them.

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In regard of not being heard...I think they hear me very well...I know that from reveiwing my medical records. Yes I took that inventory and did get rid of what no longer serves me... on top of the list was the several therapist and doctors that adding to the Helplessness, hopelessness, despair....all these feelings and more... gee that was a painful journey.It shouldn’t have happened that way a Dr. told me so sorry, “I don’t know where they got their degree…
hey they want to baffel you with bullshit, because they cannot dazzle or lack of brilliance”. I ask how should it have happened…with no reply!

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In regard to your question..."ever able to get any counselling or such before all medical provision was messed up?" I was in on going counselling they recomended I come in immeditaly from work, in doing so I was termitated for seeking help. Now the counselling was only a listening session and not giving any input back. Lesson learned well… the pity party, expression, complaints drew me deeper into a dark hole of no escape…realizations of this you climb out by walking away from these professional people.

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The state is Wisconsin, health benfits are gone when your terminated. Futhermore the therapist ended coming there without insurance...kicked out into the snow. I all might be wrong but just the way went and is.

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True, long term depression is considered a disability...but one must have help with that too! It just don't happen without some kind assistance.

dont despair. I am hearing you and feeling your reactions and you seem so angry, probably rightfully so. It's a shame when you try to help yourself and are discouraged by someone. It sounds like you were damned for seeking treatment and damned for not. Now you say you have no help, is that what I'm gathering anyhow? Well whether it's in person or through here you always have a shoulder to lean on, to believe in. I'm glad you are here sharing your pains and your hardships, we will each try to put in our little piece to make you feel whole again. It's just a matter of time. Watch for the little things that means the most, save the bigger picture for when you are ready to tackle it, and we'll all help you. Until then woodchuck I wish you well and hope that your day gets a little brighter knowing you have a place to turn to and a place you belong.

with much love and light


well hon thats a pretty comprehensive list of things so lets ignore the ailments for just a moment what do u like doing most of all?

and how do u find sittin at the keyboard or do u lounge like my daughter does?

keep smiling

as always loving thoughts and positive thoughts
D :)

woodchuck, i feel your frustration and anger. i can understand how upset you are. i too have gone through those crappy, ignorant therapists, being told my case is not serious after i tried suicide twice!
and the 'counselling' or listening sessions, that's just incredible. i mean no wonder things got worse afterwards, when you bring everything to the surface but are then not given the means to handle it all?! that's just irresponsible!
and when i was talking about disability i of course didn't mean that would make daily coping easier. but maybe you could at least get some more finacial benefits for it and thus ease that part of the worries a bit at least?

no matter what, i sincerely hope that you will find something to improve your situation, even if it is only talking to us on here!


In regard to post...
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You might sense anger, but I have in most part set that aside, for that has no benfit. As for discouraged how can any human not be... you reach out, search for improvement, and too change the bad factor's in life...and get punished for it... the trials & tribulations of life. Now as for the little pieces... that, if that, is the best I may find down the trail. I don't expect to find the bigger picture anymore...that's being realistic.

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In regard to first question..."what do u like doing most of all"? That a very tall order...depending on now or then!
In brief...Then...I always was very active, loved to work hands on anything. Interest/active... was skiing; aviation; anything adventours; the study of law; just a few.

second question...
and how do u find sittin at the keyboard or do u lounge like my daughter does? The keyboard not my favorite thing, with the exception of doing research to expand the mind. I'm a bit scared now...that day too will come not able to use this tool. R/A is cramping my fingers where I truely will be locked in.

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Some people in this world are just incompentant and should not be in the positions their in... but with luck of the draw I not only found one but several...that's unlucky. Hear you of getting some finacial benfits...I applied; reapplied; again; again...no answer. That to is becoming a major stress factor...urgency!

Once again thanks for the replies are appreciated.
Best Wishes too all...!


wow aviation sounds scarey to me hon, but then i get vertigo two inches of the ground def have no head for heights

mayb u could get a stylus to tap the keys with on the keyboard to save your fingers cramping we use them for the more disabled children so they can participate in things

and law oh good i can pick your brain if u dont mind that, my daughter is doing a course on law for work and its all double dutch to me but if u wouldnt mind giving a hand i would appreciate it

asa always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

#16 domestic

"stylus" never gave that a thought, don't know where to go and get one.

What brain? lol!!!...but perhaps I might find it...

Like most most trades law has it's own speciality's of study... mine is in constitutional law. It spills into many others... Sure feel free to pick my brain, whenever you like...


mayb u could get a stylus at a music shop or check out disability aids to see if they have something u could use ours come witht the stylus included but im sure u can get them individually

ok here we go with law question number one, could u explain the difference betwn fraud and theft

in anticipation..of your brain...and my answer =D

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)