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pretty grim but often true for many of us, WHAT do others think to this

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I'm new to this site. Even though I'm heartbroken and lonely and would like to agree with your quote, I have to disagree on one level. If we are born a singleton and not multiple, then we may have spent time in a spacious womb, but we were never far from the heartbeat of our mother. Research indicates that her heart, breathing, and voice gave us comfort. When we enter the world, she is there and maybe some other folks too if we are lucky. Since, we can not immediately jump up, run around, forage for our own food like many other mammals, researchers have asserted that the human mammal needs to be cared for. If done properly, we are not alone for many years of our lives. Society would like for us to live with our progenitors and care givers at least until the age of majority. Again, we are not physically alone for several years.

One could conclude that evolution wants humans to be communal. We must copulate to procreate. We must be cared for upon our immediate exit from the womb, and we have a sort of instinctive desire to group (usually with like minded peers). Having these things seems to give us emotional comfort.

Maybe that's why we are so miserable when we find ourselves alone.

However, if your quote refers to your mind, then I just might agree with you. For it is here that we are totally alone. No one can really be with us there. It is here that we can let the illusions that we create overwhelm us and consume us or liberate us. Perhaps thats why some believe that true loneliness is a state of mind. Whatever it is, I'm feeling it right now and its not pleasant. Its rather crushing and profoundly debilitating. But regardless, I know in my heart that we are not meant to be alone. I hope that you do to.

hi jack66

welcome to the support site i hope we can help u.

thanku for responding to the quote of the week. i can see where u are coming from but i do think the quote is apt in the society that we live in today with all our striving to keep our heads above water just to survive.
as we get more gadgets and life is conducted in a more solitary zone, namely us in a room rather than us out in society i think more and more people are left bereft of human warmth, it is then our mind kicks in and plays tricks creating an often unrealistic expectation of how our lives should b lived.

and even surrounded by people we are sometimes walking to a different beat, therefore we are alone as we strive to understand the joke,purpose etc of those we are with. so we stand on the outside looking in never quite part of something, yet not sure what we need to find to enter.

anyway as usual

sending loving thoughts and vibes

Thanks for your loving thoughts and vibes, they are needed and appreciated.

what will u do if didn't found a true friendship and love live and never die or forget ??
you will feel lonely and i think loneliness=death


thanks for the comment keep them coming :D do u have a quote?

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I guess it depends which day of the week you ask me that. Lol. Many times I feel so blessed for the people I have in my life, and I'd like to believe there are a select few that would do ANYTHING for me. But ultimately, yes, we are alone. That is a sad sad reality and I try so hard in my everyday life to disprove that. We do fill our lives with friendships and love to feel less alone and although I don't believe we're born alone, I certainly believe you die alone. Physically, while we are alive, we are constantly surrounded by people, loved ones, strangers, whatever. But mentally, as connected as you can be with someone, they will never understand the true essence of how your mind is working. In that sense, we are on our own. So I don't know!! As I'm writing to you, I'm going back and forth on what I think... In the end, I believe we are alone.


Hi July, wow that's quite a thought provoking quote and something that I've never really analyzed or thought through on a deeper level. I feel lonely a lot because I work from home and live alone, though I never feel alone. I believe there is a difference between being lonely and being alone. I can feel so lonely at times, but I know that I am never ever alone. I believe in the Higher Power and turn to the Higher Power in my difficult and lonely times. As well, I have a wonderful family and friends that fulfill me, so I never feel alone.

That's just my take on loneliness versus being alone.


What a great qoute it is true to a point. Sometimes we are alone but there is always someone that is willing to listen to us specially here. Before finding support groups I was always down and always putting myself down. Din't think I was able to do what I am doing now.



ana, puppy and july

thank u for taking the time to reply :)

its so true that i think we should make a point of greetin the people we pass daily just incase ours is the only human contact they have that day, mind u i do get some funny looks as i call morning as i pass strangers but those who are regulars are now replying as i roll along on the train called life

as always

keep posting and chattin

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I try and do that on a daily basis as well. Although sometimes the affection isn’t reciprocated, doesn’t hurt to try.

xo, July

I really do love that Domestic! I never realized how much of a difference a little smile, a simple hello or good day, and even a quick chat can make in someone's day. It wasn't until it was pointed out to me several times over the past few months that I realized it's so nice and important to do so on a day-to-day basis. It can really turn someone's frown upside down. Let's keep spreading the joy!

Have you smiled or said hello to a stranger today?

u are so right not all appreciate it but i still do it for those who do :)

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

ps yes i spoke to the lady who has the sausage dog cos it wasnt with her today, sadly it has been put down so we reminised about it

explained i dont have the boys cos they are with there uncle for a few days and yes shoppin was cheaper without them

and then debated the merits of cabbage or cauli with a lovely lady at the chemist

got ignored by the grumpy old dear at the busstop who always huffs as i say good morning and the guy who stopped his car gave me a nice finger action as i thanked him for lettin me cross

so all in all a sucessful day


oh man, well I say hello on a daily basis to this homeless man who I pass when I park my car for work. Today he gave me a nice “fuck you”. I smiled and went on my way. Can’t please everyone.

It's so true that you can't please everyone. I believe that we can control our actions but not that of others, so it's up to me to try to do my little part....but unfortunately I can't expect everyone to reciprocate. It's funny, but whenever anyone does or says anything crass then I will smile and say thank you. I always get looks of shock when I do that.