Qoute of the week

"sometimes u put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down"

hands up all those who are guilty of this????

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes on the way to u all


Oh man, quote of my life...

and the reason u put up walls is ??????????????

I guess I just want to see who loves me enough to tear them down.

hmm interesting thought that its love that can tear them down.

i actually think its fear that errects them and knowledge melts them away.

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

Mine is who is willing to put forth the effort. I know a lot of people care, but do they enough to know the real me? I donno, that's my thought.

I definitely have walls up when it comes to friendships and relationships, though I don't quite think that the reason is to see who cares enough to break them down. It's fear used as a protective measure from past experiences. And, I hate that I have walls up and keep people at a distance, but once I break them down for someone and experience mis-trust, then they go back up again ten-fold.

mishy im coming gf with the hammer to bash them in :D

puppydoglvr mayb u are confusing friend with aquaintance.

but as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Hammer and shovel! Haha. Reading the other reasons, I actually agree with them as well. Quick to trust, yet quick to disown.

You're right, I definitely let my friends in, but those people are very far and few between. Though, acquaintances I keep at arms length and wall's up.

Absolutely...would get an A+ here...I'm best wall builder and plasterer going at the moment...ha ha


what can i say ???????

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes

ah nothing...s'pose I'm just going to have to look for the right sledgehammer to get them down :)

lol u get bashing gf

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Moongal, love your analogy re; walls being up. It takes a lot with me, but I am working on it...really working hard.

DOmestic I feel like calling you DOM, anyway, LOVE THAT QUOTE!!! that used to be me, especially trying to see who the heck really cares etc. But found out I was alienating people more and also myself. So am trying to break down those walls and **** is it tiring. I Didn't realize how tall and wide i made them plus the **** brick or cement i used to build them Gosh its really tough to break that sh*t up!! Anyway i was being truthful yet trying to be my corny funny self so hope some of you got a laugh out of that. AnyHOOT love the quote!! Wonder if you have any others!!!


climbbutterfly pea

u can call me what u like hon :D

most of the others just call me "D"

yes i found your response amusing and to be honest im slacking with the quotes at the moment, why dont u set one going?

keep posting and chattin

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Decided long along I wasn't going to waste time or energy putting up walls. With me, what you see is what you get. Have to admit, it's pretty enjoyable when people try to read into what I've said or done, and find out there was no agenda behind it - confuses the hell out 'em sometimes!

Learning IS power to tear walls down, thanks D.

Take care