Question, for everyone in the group, have any of you confron

Question, for everyone in the group, have any of you confronted the person who you know or believe gave you HPV? The man who gave it to me, is still around my life. He's not a bad person. I want to let him know, make sure he's aware that he is leaving this behind like a freaking party favor. But, at the same time, I don't know what the hell to say..

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If u have had more than one partner I wouldn't confront him but I would let him know of the issue. You can contract and it can be dormant for years.

Before, him. The only and last person I slept with was 3 years ago. I have always had a shoddy immune system. I don't think it would have been the first person and me be asymptomatic all this time. With this last person, we slept together and about 3-4 weeks later I found the bumps just barely starting. Is it possible for me to have contacted it that long ago?

I don't know my doctor first said once you contract you can get a break out but you can also contract and never know about it. Very confusing.

I was a stupid naive girl at 22 who thought when you had sex with a man that was who you married. He gave me Herpes, venerable warts or HPV, PID and crabs. I'm now an older woman who due to the pelvic inflammation and Herpes have nerve damage in certain areas. My immune system is shot. I got him on the phone to tell him and he brought up *** clingy I was and I hung up. My counselor tells me that explaining anything to him would be worthles and I needed to help myself heal. If it's a safety issue for any partners then you talk, if you expect someone to say their sorry for giving you a disease that you should have worn a condom they will not be sympathetic. Sorry...

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@cdrocab I wasn’t expecting that. Just wanted to make sure he knew he was transmitting.

try and see ur doctor it can be treated

It can. I am. @john22.

I was advised that they can only take the warts but the the HPV virus itself. It will just stay in your system and remain dormant until something could trigger it again like when your immune system goes down.

@R18 I’ve heard there’s a possibility you can fight it. You can become hpv negative after years.

To answer your question, I wouldn't tell the person who probably gave it to me because it's not my duty to go after him. If we are still together I would tell him but since we are no longer together, it becomes his duty to take care of himself.

@R18R18 But what if he’s just going out and passing it to other unsuspecting women, because he doesn’t have any idea. It’s weighing heavily on me. When my results confirm this. I’m going to tell him. It won’t be some huge confrontation. But, a one to one talk about this. A heart to heart, so to speak. So, he hopefully doesn’t bring this upon some other poor girl.

Your call. If you can still reach him then maybe that's a good idea

@GirlAfraid21: How did it go when you told him? When I discovered warts, I had just broken up with my ex. We'd been together for nine months. We, of course, stopped using condoms early on. Neither of us had any signs at all (we were, how should we say, orally-inclined, and if there was anything unusual, we would have known). But from everything I've read, HPV is one tricky virus, so I could never say she gave it to me or vice versa. It was likely dormant in one of us from a previous relationship/encounter. I disagree with R18. I think it is your/our duty to let others know, especially for me being a guy as HPV may be cancerous in women. I told my ex about it so that she could schedule a pap, and she took the news very well and has been supportive. It's telling future partners that I fear, and why I've held back on dating. I wish there wasn't so much stigma over this very common virus. But just from reading posts here, it shows how un/misinformed many of us are.