Question:Has anyone ever or know of anybody who has been dem

Question:Has anyone ever or know of anybody who has been demoted(decreased hours in schedule) from their work due to a physical disability?In the past year my employer has put me down to less hours from what I used to work and I want to know if they can legally give someone less hours because of a physical disability?I am still capable of doing my position and have requested to get my full schedule back but I am denied each time I ask about it and haven't indicated it was because of my disability but I am wondering if it is and if my employer has a right to demote my hours because of it?Help!

Is it only you that is getting less hours or is it all employees across the board? If you have an HR department you should first ask them about this policy, and while you are there might as well as them to see your file. Check for any demerits or points against you. It does seem odd that in this culture of sensitivity that they are playing these games. Keep pushing but be careful about becoming the annoying one. I am sure there are plenty of attorneys out there that would love to hear your situation. Again, just be careful you do not become a martyr.

No it's just me who seems to always have less hours.All the other employees work full time and they have been hiring outside people as well.Yes I have talked to HR that is who I have been talking to about this issue and I always get the same answer so I stopped requesting more hours so I don't jeopardize my job. I'm not really sure it's because of my physical disability cause they just tell me there aren't enough hours but at the same time give my co workers their hours.So I just want to know if it's right what they are doing?

@Olgab I am leaning more towards NO this is not right. If your hours are getting cut and they are still hiring then something is up. Make sure you keep asking for and document that you are requesting more consistent hours, and hence what their action is to the requests. I am no attorney but it may be time to seek advice. Some attorneys will speak with you over the phone and guide you and possibly let you know if there is a case. Whatever you do, you want to do it ethically, morally, and the right way.