I was raised in a very strict..very all emcompassing religion. The expectations were so high and things were so black and white..and every mistake i made i was made to feel small and unworthy of gods love and all good things. I felt that these times were some of the most triggering times in my life.

Were any of you raised in such a way? It's hard for me not to blame my childhood religion and parents for teaching me how to hate myself, although i know there were a lot of other contributing factors.

anyway...can anyone relate?

I can't relate to your experience unfortunately, but I can tell you that you are above that way of living.
Things are never black and white and if you ask him, God will forgive you.
Everyone makes mistakes. No body's perfect...haha I feel like I'm Miley Cyrus :P

But getting serious again, those things you found that triggered you... learn from them. WHAT did they make you feel and WHY did they make you feel that way. Is it really as big of a deal as you're making it out to be?

One word my counselor uses that I love is:
Catastrophize --> to hyper-imagine negative outcomes to a situation that have no basis in reality. To blow setbacks or problems out of proportion such that you spiral into an emotional catastrophe.

Sound familiar? I know I do it all the time. When you find yourself doing that, sit down and think about the situation. I find writing out the thoughts help. Do some calm breathing.
It will all work itself out <3

It's a trick that the eating disorder plays, I think. I grew up with a very positive spiritual background, and faith continues to be the cornerstone of my life. However, the deeper I am in my disorder, the more I feel like I'm a wretched, unforgivable creature that God could never love. I fully believe that that's not true--but it sure feels like it is sometimes. All I can say is that God DOES love you, God does NOT want you to suffer with this eating disorder for the rest of your life, and you do NOT have to feel guilty about your disorder. Yes, I think it sounds like your religious upbringing had a profound impact on you and how you view spirituality. But what you were taught is not the truth. I just encourage you to explore the truth of spirituality, and I also just want to let you know a lot of people with eating disorders struggle with the same thoughts and feelings that you're having now.

Thanks. I have in the past year left the church and have found a lot of peace practicing my own beliefs. To make one things clear. I am in No way blaming the LDS church or my parents for my problems. I just feel that the way i was taught about god was detrimental to my happiness. I have four other sisters who didn't turn out like me..that are happy. The problems were already there, the way my parents brought me up was just not what i needed. I'm not blaming them, just wishing that they would have lifted me up more rather than treating me like i was unworthy.
I know now that there is a higher power that loves me and wants me to be happy. I was just wondering if anyone could relate to the way i was raised. Where church was the only answer..and that if you were having problems you weren't praying enough..or being good enough..not helping others enough...sinning too much.

Throughout treatment i have battled this concept and i've found more truth than what my parents and the mormon church taught me.

Again..this is not a diss on my parents or the LDS church. some people are very happy in it. Most of my family is.

I guess i was just wondering if anyone grew up with a similar story. I've had to fight feeling "good enough" all my life and yes...i do believe that some of it was due to the way i was raised, but a lot, i know, was not.