sry to keep posting today but i have been thinking alot and i want to run this thought past everyone.

i was thinking about my goals this week and then i was reading on the post about goals about meal plans.

so i am thinking i go to the food store tomorrow. i will bring in a list of what i buy and then maybe my nutritionist can sit down with me and write out everything. when to have it, where to eat it and how much i can have at each meal.

what do u guys think? should i email her and run this idea past her.

Hey Lizzy,
Well I'm sure asking the opinion of an expert can do no harm. i have to ask are you seeing a therapist too though? I am a true believer in therapy and getting in there and really tackling what is going on...because it's not just about the food, i think you realise this yourself.

So just let me know a bit more about yourself.

Love to you hunny
Moongal x

yes i am see a therapist. i saw him yesterday but he did not help at all last night. i told him about my purging and all he said was try not to not do it and that is bulimia talking and u dont have it. i was thinking i told you like a month ago that i have bulimia. im like are u kidding me? then he started talking about how i should lose weight cause im nt health for my heigh and bmi. what kind of person says that?

when i came home from therapy last night i wrote a letter to myself explaining what bulimia has done to me.

so here i am trying to think should i run this idea by my nutritionist or keep my mouth shut?

I am sorry if your therapist caused you offense, was it that he was trying to avoid the label of bulimia...I know my therapist doesn't like saying I have an eating disorder...but she speaks of my each binge episode as seperate as to try and figure out what is going on in the midst of it all.

Do you think that he meant that you are not just bulimic, you are other things too, so don't let that define you, ya know?

And if you don't think this is the case sweetie and you are not happy with him maybe consider other therapists, you need someone who fits the bill.

And sweetie have you read a book called Food, Woman and God, it may help you understand a little more about what could be going on in there. I read it, and found it good, and pretty much right on at what we were looking at during therapy.

And try and remember it's not about the food, it's about the feelings behind it all.

love to you hun
Moongal x

well guys i emailed my nutritionist and ran this idea by her. she said that she would love to make a scheduled food plan. i told her that i would bring in a list of foods that i will buy and how much.

thanks for the support moongal

I think this is the very best option to begin with. A structured meal plan is one of the key components of a successful recovery plan!! Good for you, for speaking up for what you need! Take care…Jan :heart:

That's great hun,
so happy for you and if you are feeling a small bit upset today, that's ok, because every feeling is valid and has a place, even the ones that don't sit as well...have a part to play.

and talk to your therapist about how you felt the last day, it's very important you feel understood, it could just be a simple miscommunication problem that is causing you unneccessary stress. therapists are there to listen and guide...ok:)

you are doing great hun...never feel bad for feeling bad
Love to you
Moongal x

I heard this so often ... that to have an eating disorder u must ne skinny or not being thin enought to have an ED !!!

What is wrong with this doctors ??

My therapist told me that bulmia can appear , of course , to any size and weight ! And if a person in overweight the treatment should include a dietician who can help with a healthy meal plan where the pacients have all the food groups and nutrients , and the therapy who ll start digging and providing new perspectives ... and so much more , of course !

It s hard but you must find a therapist who u ll trust - trust is super extra important - and who s willing to help u feel good in all kinds ! Dont waste the money with someone who doesnt care and only cares about giving u tips but he s not close to you !

lizzyelou, hon--
cheers to you for knowing what you need and for going after it! i look forward to your next update. you go girlie!