I never knew where to turn to ask this question, but I am glad i found this group.

I started dating my boyfriend about 3.5 years ago when I was fifteen. He was my first everything and is my only. When I was sixteen, however, I developed anorexia nervosa and experienced it on and off through out our relationship. Even during times of recovery and healthy weight, I could never orgasm. I have accepted that maybe i am just one of those people who cant but he wont accept that. We thought maybe not living with our parents anymore would help when we went away to college but I still never did. Only once, when I was still pretty sick with my eating disorder did I ever come close but that was it.

Could this be that I cant? Or maybe it is related to my eating disorder?


I don't know about your eating disorder, but I know women in general have a harder time climaxing than men do.

Women are like crock-pots when it comes to sex and men are like microwaves.

Are you having pain? Participating in foreplay?

Hey, just saw a commercial for Zestra for women. No kidding! What are the odds of that? for sexual satisfaction for women.

Haha I love your analogy! Thats great. No I don't have pain and foreplay occurs most of the time. I have anxiety so having a roommate and all I am always scared she will walk in or something. So maybe its because my mind is always on that? I have no idea. Before I had a roommate I lived at home so I was always worried about the parents.

Thank you for the information :)


Oh I can so understand that! My boyfriend's sister walked in on us. So did his mom. And we were in our room! Yeah, they both knock now!

Try putting a sock on the door knob?