I have been through chemo and 3 of 6 maintainence treatments of Rituxan. My Oncologist stopped the Rituxan due to an allergy. It caused severe itching 7 weeks after treatment. A CT scan and bloodwork were done, thinking possibly the cancer was back. It isn't. My question is what other drug is there in place of Rituxan? Also, my non-hodgkin's is mixed cell. Does this transform into one or the other becoming dominant?

On the up side, the last couple of weeks have been the best I have felt in a year. My energy level is higher, but limited due to fatigue. The fatigue seems to be the worse in my legs. I do have a pool so hopefully swimming and some pool exercises will help. When I over due it I have found the right combination with pain meds and muscle relaxers. When there is little or no pain your attitude changes for the better.


Hi Stitches, welcome to I'm going off the assumption that you have follicular lymphoma.

To answer your first question-- about a drug that you could take in place of Rituxan -- there is no such drug currently on the market. While there are similar anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies either approved or in clinical trials (Arzerra comes to mind), nothing's available or immediately in the pipeline that does what Rituxan does.

Normally adverse reactions from Rituxan occur within the first two hours if they're going to happen at all, but they've also been reported as long as 12 months afterwards.

As for the possible transformation of your cancer, it's certainly possible for it to transform into a more aggressive cancer, like diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, but not a sure thing by any means.


I had Rituxian for 8 weeks and then they switched me to maintenance every other month. I had a reaction at my first treatment, but the following went fine. In October of 2009, when the switched me to every other month, I developed a severe rash all over. My new Dermotologist has now confirmed it is a Rituxian rash and has given me some ointment for treatment which seems to be helping so far. I suffered with the rash for 9 months. He said that we should just keep treating the rash and watch for other side affects of the Rituxian. I have now switched oncs because my first one ignored my rash. I will get a PET scan August 5 to see what is going on with my mixed cell Stage IV grade 2 Follicular Lymphoma.