Quick question for fibro people. Do any of you ever gotten a

quick question for fibro people. Do any of you ever gotten a Backer's Cyst in your knees? I have the asteoartritis and the dr. said the baker's cyst comes form that. it is a huge painful lump in the back of the leg where it bends in. I had to get a cortisone shot and moths of physical therapy to get it to shrink or go away. then when I went to Stan's Fit Feet to get my orthotic shoes for my collapsed arches and spine, the lady was surprised I have fibro and a Baker's cyst, because there was a young girl working there who has fibro and one of those cysts, and it shocked her that I came in there with fibro and the cyst. so I guess fibro people must got those too. I didn't know the cyst had to do with fibro, just it being weighted on or smacked good. hit me up, if any of you got one ever, or know any other fibro person that got one. mine went down, but then when I had to carry some item one day. it came back, or it got twisted and it came back some how. it really upset me, because they can't operate to remove it, and it took so much work and therapy to get rid of it, and those shots were horrible. I don't want to go thru it again, so now I am suffering with a bum leg kind of, and really depend on the cane. and, when I sleeping already, the pain from it sometimes wakes me out of my sleep. foggy, did you hear of these for people with fibro? hit me back anyone. thanks, jazzy.

Nope never hear of it sounds painful.

Yes, I got one before and it scared the hell out of me and I didn't know what it was. I got an injection and it shrunk a little, but that's about it.

@matty72 mine shrunk a little and I went through months of therapy. it stayed away for 1 year, and now it is back. after all that bother, I was disgusted when it came back. now the pain wakes me out of my sleep some nights than others not. it’s weird. I hate those long needles too. i’m too scared to go back to the dr. again.

A bakers cyst is a symptom of a problem. With your arthritis you get inflammation (the problem) and the joint sac can only hold so much fluid and at a certain point it is forced to the path of least resistance and that is behind your knee., which puts pressure on the sac holding the inflammed joint fluid and it forms a sac that buldges out behind your knee. Anyone that is older could possibly get one due to the age and arthritic joints I don't think fibromyalgia has anything to do with it. They can't operate because it would come right back.

thanks for researching that. I said fibro because there was a woman at the shoe store that got really excited when she herd I that that and the fibro and so did the woman, so they thought there was a connection. yes, I have the osteo, which I know caused because my Dr. said it did too. I had one in my wrist joint too, and that they operated on three times, and now it's been gone for over 12 years. that, they call a ganglion cyst. I had that started when I was young before I developed the osteo. that must be more of a successful joint to do it on because it isn't a weight bearing joint like my leg. I sure don't want to go through those needles again, because they are super long and they go through the front of your knee between the bones all the way to the back. that's what makes it so hard to want to go back to the dr. again for it, because of just that. it is water on the knee, I guess is another word for that. I heard people use that term for it, water on the knee. but yes, thanks for getting back, I was just curious as to how many people with osteo and fibro may have gotten one and is or was familiar, or ever heard that word before. I am also curious to know how many of fibro suffers have eye trouble/driving trouble because I always wonder how long I might have left to drive a car. Foggy says because of her fibro she don't drive anymore. it's kind of like I am surveying and wanting to run into others that can explain their's to me too so I know where things stand with all our activities and limitations. I wasn't planning on you guys having to do a lot of research, just was wondering if you ever came acrossed others on here that had all the same stuff. Like I was told Raynaud's is another symptom fibro suffer's get( maybe not all) but I have it. my dr. and the things I read said a lot get that with this disease too. it's where my hands hurt, burn, turn cold and don't warm until I soaked in hot water, or turn red or white. it's worse in my toes, and some in my fingers. I keep on two socks all the time, and make sure my hands don't get exposed to cold for anymore than a few minutes. I have to keep them covered all winter if I go out. don't worry about researching this, I just wanted to know and compare how many of us on the group have these. meaning has there been a lot of women on here with those.

I know, it hurts like hell when they do that. Idk what's worse, the cyst or the procedure. Oh man, I hope mine doesn't come back. I'm sorry to hear yours is back. It'll be ok.

yes. mine is ok on some days, others, it hurts.