Quiet thoughts

Hmmmm. I was just siting here think'in does binging then resorting to laxatives..real prove anything? All it does is break your immunity down in your body and put stress on your heart(both emotionally and physically)I think i've come to the conclusion does it really bring your weight down? i think in realtily i've stayed the same weight for months and haven't changed anything. You surely are bloated and have severe intestinal and stomach irration after the dehydrating of your body? I thank god i have never resorted to purging after, i"ve been close..Does anybody see andany other effects from laxatives vs. purging always wondered the difference?

Mas617, I am glad that you see how incredibly detrimental bulimia is to your health and well-being. I am a recovered bulimic and my primary source was laxatives. Let's just say that my health was in "grave danger" per my doctor. Purging is equally as detrimental to your health. You are completely depleting your body of its essential nutrients (fuel) in order for it to run efficiently. Here are some of the general effects of an ED;
http://www.eatingdisordersonline.com/medical/complications.php. I hope this gives you some insight and I really hope that you are on a path to recovery.

Thanks puppydoglvr,
I always appreciate your positive insight, I guess in some sick way i thought laxatives were weren't as bad..u know reality..it may set insome day..hopeful!!!!

Mas, please know that I am here to help you through this in any way that I can. I know that you can get through this and recover.