Quit smoking benefits

what have been some of the immediate and long-term benefits that you've seen from smoking? this is all to help aid my good friend in the process. thank you so much.

hi puppy dog lvr

i actually enjoy being a smoker not because its cool or clever but because that is me time. i dont drink cant call the supermarket the highlight of life. and as some of u no i have a laptop which im still learning to use.

my other half has a camera so we walk along he taking photos and me having the odd puff in harmony. what else is there to do on a lazy sunday afternoon.

although i must say i did get the alan carr book to read

loving thoughts and positive vibes

Hi Domestic! Thanks for your response. I believe that to each their own and I totally respect everyone's choices. My friend has been desperately trying to quit, so I thought to get some advice and thoughts from this group, just so that I can pass it along. I am glad that it's enjoyable for you...we all have our innocent little vices after all ;-)

hi puppy dog lover,

i always admire those that can give up a vice, i suppose it depends when your friend smokes and how many. and the motivation behind the move to give up.

and what she has planned to do with her hands

just a thought

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

he has tried to quit numerous times and he number one driving force is his health. he would like to kick up his work-outs, though gets winded so easily. so his doctors have recommended quitting. thus, I am here trying to help him find alternative options to the ones he's tried.

remind him that he doesn't want to do it and that each time he doesn't, which needs to be always, he can say "praise be" I don't do the poison no more - works for me. for anyone to think that they enjoy being a nicotine addict, even for a moment, is all part of the brainwashing. stop it - it's bs.

besides, it's not that hardcore a drug, it is kickable, and if you really kick it, then you actually feel better. you haven't fried your neurotransmitters for life and have to rethink. when you quit you get your life back.

tell your friend to go get his life back - smoking is taking it away from him. the folks who suffer are the one's who don't really quit! if he really quits and commits to never do it again - he will feel fine!

That's such great advice Drumon, thank you so very much! I have been encouraging him and working through the process with him. I think that he's getting to a place where he's possibly permanently kicked the habit.

Thank you again!