Rainy Day

Well another rainy day in the desert, feeling down and out again. HARD being alone, no one to share life with anymore. Have my kids, but still not the same as your soulmate. Not even sure if I have a soul anymore?????I know I don't have a heart anymore or have a BIG hole in it anyway. Life goes on I guess, have to deal with what comes our way, Still don't like it, but can't stop the pain so????????


come on hon its time to give yourself a break be kind to u, would your wife like to see u like this?

yes u have a heart u have children to live for and the dog. yes its hard to face each day knowing a big part of u is missing but what else can u do? u were left behind because u have children who need a father, your wife was happy in the knowledge that u were going to keep going untill u could join her because u were looking after the children u had created together

lets try something different today lets do three posiitve things

as always

loving thoughts and positive vibes

D :)

Hi, Anni, your right again, need to think more postive, well lets see 1. nice warm sunny day today 2. kids are both healthy, 3. Made Sheppard’s pie for supper, am I’m hungry. Hope you are okay and take good care of each other. Dennis


there u go it will get easier hon to be more positive and find little joys in the day again

im fine

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

Dennis, I couldn't see where you had posted lately. I've been away for awhile and noticed you hadn't posted since the 22nd. I hope that's a good sign and you're doing better. Thought I'd share that I work really hard to stay busy and keep my mind active to scare away the gloomies. That eases the pain of my loss more than anything. The fall has been beautiful and I've been going to fairs and festivals with family and friends. Just walking around with distractions help. I'm sure if you let family or frinds know you're interestested in doing something they'd love to go with you. I don't think anything gives the pleasure it once did, but right now just easing the pain is a plus. I just don't expect too much out of life anymore. Keep in touch and maybe we can share our difficulties in coping with our loss. Many Hugs, Raylene

There is a book, it's one of those free ebooks you can read online. Although it's called Revelations 2010 The Cynic's Bible, it's not for tradionally religious people. It's for people who have been tested to the limit. It's about life, death, loss and why we are here. It's about figuring out how God applies in your own individual life. This short book gave me great comfort. I believe it will help anyone in crisis find hope again. I read it at www.free-ebooks.net/ebook/Revelations-2010-The-Cynic-s-Bible

and also have since found a link on facebook.

Good luck!

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