Raped-painful memories havent been able to share with my counselorLONG pOST

Yes its like the GIANT ELEPHANT sitting in the room, every once in awhile I still have one in my livingroom UGH!!!!! C'mon on honey you can do it, you did not come this far just "because" or "boredom", jump in the waters fine after a point. What happened to us does not define US. My 63 yr. old sister still will not learn this even w/therapy off & on for the past 30yrs. gee wiz..... Love you guys

Grace, I'm still taking baby steps & they get larger steps everyday, do it ONLY in your OWN time..... I forever live it daily but have learned more now & can cope with alot more things then I ever could it IS possible & I will never repeat this in my lifetime. I'll be thinking of you..... & Jen the elephant thing was for you, please keep doin your best to move through this, its better on the other side of it........

Love April

Thanks, April! ♥ Yeah... An elephant. No amount of pretending or turning a blind eye will make it disappear. And everyone can see the mess left behind, even if they don't see the source. :P Soon... I must have this conversation soon... :0/

Thank you!



thank you so much for sharing what you have been through. I am in awe of the honesty in which you tell your story. I am too afraid to be honest with myself nevertheless with others.

Your experience although horrific is amazing to read because I can see your strength. I admire you for sharing such intimate aspects of your life. My fear is to be judge by what I say, or do, how I feel, or for who I am. When I read your words there is no judging just support and compassion for what you have endured.

Thank you very much -- I am impacted by what you wrote.