Rapid cycler

Hi i am new here and i was just wonderin if anyone here is a rapid cycler like me? i cycle sometimes several times a day. it is very difficult and thr docs don't seem to know what to do with me. i could use any advice at all! Or just to hear that someone understands would be great too!!! Thanks!

Hi. I'm new here too. I am also a rapid cycler...hours in a day..up down. I know what you mean. I finally found the right medication combination that really works for me, but i remember how hard it is and how out of control i feel when i'm not on meds. i understand and it makes me feel good that there is someone else that knows what rapid cycling is like. i'd love to talk more.

Hi! I'm a rapid cycler as well.I go through constant mood swings throughout the day.It affects all around me.I try to look out for things that can cause a shift in my moods.I listen to music and love to relate it to my life.I get into trouble sometimes cause I listen to down and out songs that remind me of pain in my life.I drift into a low mood.I can do this in other situations too.I just try to look out for things I know will change my mood.I try to listen to upbeat happy tunes and this helps.If you ever wanna talk I'm here.I hope you keep sharing that helps me too.

yeah…lets talk. I’m 20, but i’ve been medicated for the past two years and i rarly experiance the rapid cycling anymore…but sometimes when things get stressful it comes back regardless…like today. Did you ever have any problems with cutting or anything? that was one of my main copeing skills and it was awful. I still fight that.

Thanks for your feedbak, and @ Rebekah, I have never cut, but i do dig at my face, i don't mean that i pop pimples, i mean that i dig my long nails into my my face and make deep cuts until blood is running down my face, I don't know why i do it. I have found a good combination of meds right now, but i still can't help but feel that i cycle more than most people, I still have several serious mood shifts during a day high to low, they are just less extreme now, so not everyone can see them but i can feel them and it is exhuasting!! Do you ever feel like you have to put an act on for the rest of the world? that you aren't free to just feel how you feel? I don't know if that makes any sense it is six in the morning and i have been up since four (manic again!) I would love to talk more to you about this....

I know the feelings you are describing so well.I have mostly either severe highs or severe lows.I hardly ever feel normal.I try to avoid the public most the time.I'm either to depressed to talk or so manic I annoy people.I'm sure either way I get on peoples nerves.I try so hard to keep it under control when I'm around people.I don't do so well because I can always see the looks on their faces.I spend alot of nights with just racing thaughts in my head.I just can't control them til I fix whatever is going on.I also spend alot of my time excessively cleaning.I have found being manic this is not a bad thing.It calms my racing thaughts and keeps me from doing other hazardous things.I had a problem with self mutalation only a few times but they were dramatic close calls.I only did it on depressed episodes or when angry to just feel something else.It helps just to talk to others who deal with bipolar.I don't feel so alone in doing so.Keep sharing it helps to hear from others who face life as I do.

hi y'all. I was seriously convinced that i was the only one with extreme rapid cycling. It's a crazy ride. I'm on a high dose of mood stabilizers amd anit-depressants, anti-anxiety and since i also hallucinate...anti-psychotics. I'm the most stable in my life right now then i've ever been. I stopped cutting like 6 months ago, but i still sctratch a lot. It's nice that other people understand. Do any of y'all suffer from eating issues as well?

oh dear god! the mood changes, i pick incessantly, binge eating, extreme fear of abandonment, except idk what is wrong with me.
i'm on meds for depression have been for years, but maybe that's not it?
this is making me panick just a bit!

I am no pdoc, though I am studying to me be one, but have you ever talked to a pdoc about that possibility that you may have borderline personality disorder? I also have that and those are all classic symptoms that you mentioned, it might be worth it to read up on it and talk to your doc about it! Good luck to you!!!!

I have thought for sometime now that I have BPD. I have to wait until I get insurance to talk to someone. It’s way too expensive where I live and I make too much for assistance. I have been reading and trying to educate myself the best I can for now. I am trying to retrain my brain to slow down and really evaluate a situation, how a person acts, etc instead of always having knee-jerk reactions. Thank you for your well wishes.

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