Rates of HIV/AIDS infections has decreased over the years

good news that globally HIV/AIDS has been decreasing:

"Despite the lack of major treatment breakthroughs, 2010 is shaping up to be a pivotal year in the history of the AIDS epidemic.

Two key trials have recently provided the first evidence that biomedical prevention methods can help reduce new infections, the latest UNAIDS figures suggest that HIV incidence and death have finally started to decline, and a growing number of experts are even starting to talk about the prospect of a cure.

To mark the 23rd commemoration of World AIDS Day on December 1, UNAIDS released its latest global epidemiology report, revealing that new HIV infections have fallen by nearly 20 percent over the past decade, while the number of AIDS-related deaths have dropped by a similar percentage during the past five years.

Looking at data from 182 countries, the authors estimated that some 2.6 million people were newly infected in 2009, compared with 3.1 million in 1999. More than 50 countries saw their infection rates stabilize or decrease."

read more hre: http://www.edgeprovidence.com/index.php?ch=news&sc=&sc2=news&sc3=&id=113812

It is a great news. I think the news that i heard recently is so true. According to it, Scientists in German have announced a breakthrough of sorts. an HIV positive man received a stem cell transplant which unintentionally healed his Human Immunodeficiency Virus. Nonetheless, the treatment is only going to work for individuals who have particular genetics. There is nevertheless no full blown heal, and this treatment isn't feasible to use yet.

real great news. i did read about the german doctors and actually posted that news article. amazing stuff.