Re occurring outbreaks helpp!

My doc just gave me acyclovir 400 mg 3 times daily 3 days ago for an OB it's day 3 and I got a new sore! What do I do? Do I need a stronger dose? Or maybe a different brand or antiviral? I felt great for the first 2 days but today I feel horrible. I need help!

You need to talk to your doctor or a nurse for advice, they will recommend the proper dose or a different medicine. Wishing you to feel better. God bless you.

Acyclovir is more for daily maintenance. You need VALTREX 500 mg. You'll be cleared up in no time. I'd take 2 per day for 5 days. If it's super bad, don't be afraid to take 3 no matter what the Dr says because it's NOT gonna hurt you. You just don't want to keep up that dose daily because you'll become immune to Valtrex and it won't work for you. YOU NEVER WANT THAT TO HAPPEN. Take Acyclovir 400 mg for maintenance daily 1-3x/day. When you have an OB, take Valtrex 500 mg - 2x/day. 3 if absolutely necessary or if you can't take the pain. And if it's TOO painful, ask for some pain meds for a week!!!!! It'll get better. Trust me.

PS - My med plan really is magical. I haven't had a sore since 2002 and it's now 2/17/2013. Stress is a cause and I've been through losing jobs, deaths, being abused in every way by my last boyfriend, a divorce because my husband cheated on me with his customer.....I've been through A LOT and haven't gotten a sore on my med plan. Acyclovir 400 mg daily (once or twice depending on the I in a wet bathing suit all day? Then two. Tight jeans? Two. Normal day, no issues, just one does it) and Valtrex 500 mg for OB's, 2x/day. Don't wear silk underwear, always cotton, no thongs, no tight jeans, no non-stop sex for days (bummer), keep the stress down........and you'll be like me. 11 years without ONE sore. And if you feel "something" odd, an itchy spot or something just "not right", get on that Valtrex right then and there. And if it WAS a sore coming, it goes away before it even finishes forming. My med plan is awesome and I nearly fell in love with the Dr who gave it to me because I was having NON-STOP OBs before this advice. TAKE IT.