RE: Sleepless in Seattle

I have noticed a great influx of post having to do with being up early in the morning and not able to sleep. In an effort to respond to everyone I made this thread. My sleeping symptoms are this: I cannot get to sleep 90% of the time, but I can't wake up either. I have had numerous sleep studies and they have all come back saying that I have idiopathic hypersomnia. Pretty much no known cause. It pretty much means my sleep sucks. What I have tried so far is ambien and remeron. All of this has to do with our depression and other disorders. What I would like to know is what are you guys trying?

If you are having trouble sleeping tell your doc and be completely honest with him or her. Also remember that your anti-depressants if you take them can cause sleeplessness and you should consider taking something else with it if you are having trouble sleeping.

Hi Marcus,

I had to start taking my Anti-Depressants in the evening as they where making it rather difficult for me to sleep at night time. I remember talking to my Psychologist about it and she suggested changing the time I took my medication. Later on they tried putting me on another Medication and within half an hour I was ready for bed, it was awful. :(

I am finding that it is harder for me to wind down after a stressful or just a generally bad day for me. I can be awake til all hours of the night and struggle significantly to function for work in the morning. While I was growing up I was generally a night owl and would stay up later if I could. But now I feel as though my head can be so busy that the last thing I can even think of doing is closing my eyes for some rest it feels like letting go and sometimes that scares me.

What have you found to be mopst helpful for you??

Talk soon

Remeron has helped a lot, but I still have problems with waking up.

I ha

I take Ambien and take Lunesta kinda swith them up so I dont get immmuned to one...but my body is slowly getting immuned to them mind cant stop thinking...I have alot of emotional issues, and take Zolof and Wellbutrin and have Ativan but I only take that when I fell a panic attack. I have never did any drugs in my life, but smoke ciggs and drink alcohol...and now I feel like a drug addict! My body needs these meds to function and yet I still feel like I need something else to help me?!?!?!?