RE: The thread that goes with the online Shrink Poll

Personally I've seen a bunch of different professionals and I think it is crazy to pay outrageous amounts of money for someone to sit there and say.. "Hmmm yes I see. And how do you feel about that?" a true psychiatrist or psychoanalyst is actually trained (not) to give you any advice or answers but to try and get you to figure it out for yourself. Which Really is the only way that your really going to get it anyway.

I have turned down shrinks that didn't feel right to me and requested to see another one, several times. I always seem to end up with the top dawg. The chief senior shrink of the whole bunch.

I read allot about psychology. Which may seem like a shrinks job. However it's not. It's a proven fact that Psychology and psychiatry are not the same thing. You'll get better input from a certified social worker or CSW. as they are commonly called.

A shrinks job is to "analyse" They also have a doctors licence to prescribe medicine. So, sadly now days most of them analyse you, try and match that to a textbook case, so they can label it or you, and give you drugs that are supposed to fix it. Sorry kid's there is no wonder pill. "It only works if you work it." I'm sure anyone that has been to a live in person support meeting has heard that.

Aside from being able to prescribe meds. You'll get better support here than you will from a pro. And It would be entirely ludicrous to pay for someone online when in reality you have no idea at all who that person actually is. If It was entirely free. I would look in to it. And decide for myself if it was helpful.

I see my shrink occasionally for med checks. I've tried lots of different meds and the only one who really knows if it works for me or not, is me.... My shrink doesn't tell me, She asks me. actually listens.
And then "we work together"
to find what works.

Peace Out

Trick, I can't imagine anything helping more than this site has in my case. I agree you have to work it for it to work for you. People who have been there and done that surely have more insite to share, and here you can pick and choose what works for you. I love everyone here for sharing and caring. Thanks for sharing your experiences so we can better consider what is best for us. Sending you many virtual hugs, Raylene

Yup - I completely agree with you Raylene,
this is a very nice site with allot of really good people.
I was very happy when I found it myself. Like I said I have tried a bunch of other ones, and none of them come close to this one. This one is very close to the real thing.!!

Lots-a hugs back at ya :wink:


Good post. always something to think about is whether or not you are just being seen as a label or a person. As far as having a B.S.W, and being helped by then, well, you know my position on that. You don't spend 5 years in college learning about something you don't believe in. Hey, just wanted to touch base. I know its an edgy proposition but how do you feel about being a support friend? It would be nice to be in the loop again with you. And thanks again for taking the time and efforts to fix my computer. I would'nt be here now..........

Peace out, Trina

Read your messages, Hot Dog, I sent you a friend request las night go to “My messages” and click on “pending”.
you have to approve it before it will go through. K? :wink: