Reaching out for support. finally admitted to my doc I was h

reaching out for support. finally admitted to my doc I was having trouble with erections. he prescribed 25mg of sildenafil. i have yet to use it. Can any offer experience with their first time? Thank you

I personally would give it a trial run before you need to make the magic happen unless your partner knows about your ED and is understanding. I think it works better on an empty stomach and take it 45 minutes to an hour before you anticipate the action. It's works somewhat naturally and you can still loose your erection if you are uncomfortable, in a position that you don't like or distracted by something. It usually gives me a flushed face and can give me a slight headache from time to time. Not sure where you are in the world but last time I checked the price in the US it was $15 per 100mg pill. I've been buying mine from a Canadian pharmacy online for years at roughly $40 for 88 "Generic" Viagra 100mg tablets so if cost is an issue there are other options.

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Thanks for the tip Bob1974, currently live in AZ. I had wondered if trying it on my own or with a toy would produce any results? Glad you mentioned triggers so I wont immediately think the med itself isn’t working. I can see the importance now of talking with my partner.

Thanks for your post, appreciate it. I have been using a sound wave device since July along with pumping nightly. Have moderate improvement, now working on premature ejaculation.

Rickfl... There is mention of several kinds of prescription medicine for PE at Premature Ejaculation section and exercises to help with PE. Look for the topic called "PE Explained" there. I personally like injecting Trimix for my ED and having the ability to go several rounds or learn to spoil your orgasms and keep cumming back to back. Do you ever use rings with your pump? There was also a post on ED Pump section to a YouTube video on how to use a pump for ED utilizing rings. I'm curious about your sound wave therapy. What is it costing you and would you recommend it?

Hi Bob,
Thanks for the information, really appreciate it. I will definitely go to Urotalk and see what is suggested. I have been using the rubber cock rings with my pump for the morning session. Evening I pump 7 minutes full shaft, 7 minutes top shaft and head.
I bought a device called the Phoenix from a company in California. Use it twice a week for 12 treatments, then take a 4 week break. I think it was $ 600.00 and treats shaft, head, and under my nuts. Have had improvement in veins in my shaft, sensitivity in the head of my penis, and progress with venous leakage. I have been taking monthly progress photos and definitely see improvement, pumping has helped with girth. Back to my original length of 7.5inches when erect. I have to say I have had moderate progress and been real diligent

Rickfl... The pump you're using came with the Phoenix? Looks like the Phoenix was just put on the market this year and is pretty cutting edge? Just watched a video on how to use it and looks like it could be a little painful to use?

Hi Bob,

Thanks for the note back, appreciate it. A pump was sent with the Phoenix device, I also use a pump from Dr Kaplan. Phoenix pump I use only for top of shaft and head, Dr Kaplan’s for full shaft.

Phoenix device is not painful, although an unusual sensation during the treatments. Was a bit clumsy in the first few treatments. I have had moderate improvement since July I believe because of the two protocols. I have taken weekly progress photos and some videos of the improvement, it helps to see improvement.


I find the Phoenix treatment interesting but I'm not sure if it would help with my ED or not since my ED was brought on by a spinal cord injury? Sounds promising and somewhat reasonable cost. I didn't know there was a home option like this now. I had only heard about some dudes going to clinics for this type of treatment at a cost of thousands of dollars which sounded like a possible gimmick.

Moderate improvement so far, fingers crossed