Read my earlier post to get the full story.........But I wo

Read my earlier post to get the full story.........But I would like to know has anyone EX partner, the person that infected you with HPV and dumped you after learning that you have contracted this sexually transmitted virus from them. Has your Ex partner ever contacted you to apologize regarding infecting you with HPV and dumping you shortly after? Have they ever apologize for their role and the way that they treated you?

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would it matter if they did? would that help? change anything?

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@norseduncan You didn’t answer the question but yet you want information. So my question to you is are you here to judge. Because it sure seems that way.

I don't think I'd ever want to talk to somebody who knowingly infected me ever again to be honest, I'm really about honesty with my partners so I would be very very upset to know that they lied to me. Besides what's the difference I have it now there's no changing that, and I'm okay with that I didn't do anything wrong.

@Happy_Camper Fair enough, so I take it that they didn’t offer you an apology.

I gave my partner hpv (high risk strain 51) unknowingly as there is a lack of testing for males. I apologize so often the words have almost lost meaning. I worry every day about my loves health and safety. I pray for her nightly and occasionally wake up crying. I love her so much and i have put her at such great risk, sometimes i wish we would never have met. I don't know how to live with this fear that something could happen to her or our future of having children could be compromised or i could lose her. Maybe not all men live with remorse but I do.

@JohnTay91 we are still together but i thought this was a little relevant to the conversation