Really confused and need help

Hi everybody,

Well where do I begin, about 3 weeks ago I had noticed a lump, knot on my neck. Went to GP and she gave me some antibotics for infection of some sort. After taking Bactruim, cipiro, predisone, and leveiquon nothing seemed to work. Wedseday I went back to doc and she wanted me to go and have some tests done ct scan, chest x-ray, and bloodwork. I wnet in the next day and got my results back yesterday. GP informed me that ct on neck came back that I had some enlarged lymh nodes she used some other term but can't remember what it was now. She also said that my chest x-ray showed that i had a tumor in my chest but not in my lungs. blood work came back wbc elavated and rbc down. Doc said cancer was the main thing they were looking for and since I have had some problems with the night sweats and have celaic she wanted to rule it out.I go back next week to ultrasound on neck and ct done on chest. I guess I am just wondering what exactly this means because when I asked my doctor if it was cancer she said lets just wait on these results to come back before we jump to conclusions.I guess if anybody has any advice for me on what they think I would greatly apperciate all the help and advice I can get.. thanks in advance

I know it's really hard to not jump to conclusions. I know I was all over the place when my husband found a lump in his neck and we were going through the same tests that you are now. Since you're on a Hodgkin's site, I'm assuming they told you it might be Hodgkin's? It is best to wait and find out what the doctor says before doing to much reading on the internet. First, alot of the information online is inaccurate, and secondly you still don't know exactly what you're dealing with.

I think it's great that you found this site. The people here are very supportive and will offer advice and insight when you ask for it. Just do you best to be patient (I know that's easier said than done), be prepared to do whatever the doctors ask you to, and finally get a good support system around you (family, friends, church). I know they've made a huge difference for us.

Gregswife makes an excellent point. It was very difficult to wait for my diagnosis, and doing research on the internet was very counterproductive without knowing what the final diagnosis was as it ended up scaring me and my wife a lot more then was necessary.

I wish I could offer up more advice, but I am just one step ahead of where you are at and am just slightly less confused. Please let us know how things turn out.

Thanks you Gregswife I know it is very hard to not feel overwhelmed and just assume the worst. I have been trying to stay calm I just wish I had a better idea with what we are dealing with. Yes my doc did mention Hodgkins was on the top of the list to test for. I hope you and your husband are doing ok and he is feeling good! Wish you the best of luck and thanks again for the support!!

Familyman good luck on your journey and my fingers are crossed everything goes god for you. So when did you find out? did you feel bad at all before the dx? I feel fine except I am a little tired and of course stressed lol... thanks for the support!

I was officailly diagnosed 3 days ago. I have had no symptoms that I can directly attribute to Hodgkin's as of yet. I caught a nasty chest cold during a trip to New York about 3 weeks ago. My wife made me go see a doctor last week after the thing would not go away. The Doc diagnosed the cough as severe bronchitis and sent me home with the some meds. 2 days later I took a trip to the ER because my cough was getting worse and I was starting to have trouble breathing. The ER doc thought I might have a pulmonary embolism from the cross country flight. The CT scan he ordered showed that my lungs were clear but I had a fairly large mass in my chest. I had a biopsy of the mass on the 17th and finally got the results on the 22nd.

My doctor told me this week that they are considering the Hodgkin's a secondary finding and the reason for my hospitalization was severe bronchitis (which is much better now).

Thanks, we're doing pretty good. My husband was diagnosed with Hodgkin's 3A back in June (2 days before our second son was born. UGH) But, he is now half way through his treatment. He had his mid-point PET scan the other day, and we're now waiting for the results of that test.

We've adjusted pretty well to this whole process. At first it was really overwhelming having a two-year-old, a newborn, and my husband just diagnosed with cancer. But, our boys are healthy and happy, and Greg only has a few days that he feels bad during this process. He goes in for treatment every other Friday and is feeling pretty good by the following Tuesday. I feel very blessed that he's doing as well as he is! He's even kept his hair so far. We're still getting out regularly and doing things with our kids, and he's still been working. (We're both school teachers.)

So, we're a little further along in this process than you guys are. I will help answer questions you guys might have if I can! I've been very involved in my husbands treatment.

I just wanted to give you everybody an update on everything i have been going through. So went and saw an ENT doc he said going from my scans he felt better if I went to cardio doc because the mass in my chest was the biggest node area. So the following week I saw this wonderful doc that did a mediastinscopy four days later.The waiting was horrible but I doc finally called said came back negitive for cancer (jumping up and down) then everything turned after that.... I started getting really sick could hardly breath so ended up in ER doc said fluid its common it will go away two days later i was back in the ER could hardly walk the pain in my legs was unbearable so ER doc decided to go have me hemo onc doc and so the news came that since the lymph nodes have grown since i had my surgery we are doing a watch and wait because with all the symptoms docs are very confused as to what we are dealing with they are not ruling out HL or NHL yet but insurance wont pay for PET ob bone marrow unless they have Dx.... GUuuRRRrrr thats all i have to say so over thanksgiving I felt something wet dripping down my shirt guess what well my scar had busted open!! so now I have been packing it two times a day and cleaning it out for the next week if not closed back up then more fn lies ahead!!! I just wanted to let you guys know what was going on in my world these days and hope you are all enjoying your holidays.... I hope chemo is going good for you too... Thanks again for all the support you guys have given me in this crazy time!!

Wow! Your really are having a crazy time! We're doing pretty good. My husband has one treatment left (woo hoo!) on December 17th.