REALLY feeling the cold :

Hello Everyone!

I'm wondering if anyone could explain (medically) why I am feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cold. I usually feel the cold a lot but I've never felt the cold how I have done in the last few weeks. I've checked weather temperature and it's definitely more 'me' than the weather.

It's mainly when I wake up in the morning when it's at its worse. I actually feel FREEZING to the point where I can't bare it. I have to sit on the floor directly infront of the heater to eat breakfast and then have a really hot bath just to warm myself up - then I'm usually ok for a few hours. But it comes back.

I know it's somehow connected to my ED. I purged several times per day before I started my meal plan and recently, I've drifted off to sleep for several hours directly after purging and then the coldness comes intensely after I wake up and doesn't go away. Should I be worried about this? Am I likely to warm up soon if I follow the meal plan?

:) x

You lose body fat u lose insulation and ur heart doesn't work as hard to circulate the blood. That's my understanding.

yes oh la la--ive noticed when i lose wieght i get very cold. your body needs insulation to stay warm aka--body fat. yes we think body fat is like--sooo bad but it actually has good points--it acts as an insulation,needed for reproduction/childbirth, regulates circualtion, protects heart /organs/ it can also protect you in case of illness such as mine---did , it also can help your body fight off disease. it is also needed for your hair( when i lose weight my hair falls out) and skin as well as your eyes... and vision...overall your body needs fat. it is not a bad thing...

so when our body fat becomes to low, our bodies start to shut down, our internal proccess is struggling to get--the insulation and added 'help' it needs. body fat does provide warmth and as lilac said circulation, which is why your feet/hands get cold...

dont worry oh la la--once you get started on your meal plan---youll be feelin like a hot tamale soon!!!!! LOL!
you ll get there!


thank you!
I'm back on the eating plan (have had a good lunch and dinner!) so I'll wait and see. I've always had cold hands and feet apart from in the Summer (!) but this is a sudden and quite dramatic change - if it doesn't change in a few weeks after following the plan, I'll look into it further. I feel like I've gained weight in the last few days but this could be Monsieur ED showing his ugly face again.