Really scared

well heres my 19 weeks and so days pregnant.going to have a abortion next week and i have no body to come with me.its a two day thing and i have to stay over nite because im past the the one day all alone and very scared.not sure what im going to im going to pull this off.Really just need a friend rigth now.someone to talk to.

Little Bee, I am sorry you have no body to go with you. Although I do not support your decision, it is scary to go through any procedure alone.

I hope that you may find someone to go with you.

Just one thing I ask of you, if you have any doubt about having the abortion, don't go through with it.

Let me know how things go. I am always here to talk to.

I understand where your coming from but i was raped and thats why im not keeping this baby.i cant and should not have to keep a child of thats why i have to do this.

Little bee, please think about it, for it is something YOU will live with the rest of your life. I had an abortion 41yrs. ago, way before the procedure was even legal in thoses days, was done in a hospital though & I think about & talk to him (I felt it was a boy) every night... We're here to talk with if & when you feel like it & I too hope you find someone to go w/you, you'll need someone to lean on, it should be the father of the child unless there are circumstances surround that.

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I have find someone to go with me.thank god it’s someone who under stands where i’m coming from.who is a very good friend and i feel blessed i’m not alone.thanks for your support.

hi little bee...
i definitely understand your feelings about the abortion. i was six weeks the day of my abortion. I have been battling depression since then. I didnt have to, but it was a choice made b/c of still being in school, not being able to support at all financially, and overall just being scared. I still miss my baby til this day.... if its ok for me to ask, what are ur reasons for getting the abortion? I would rather ask before i give my opinion. I dont want to insert my foot in my mouth...If u get this and dont have time to post, just really think about ur decision and consider everything to be sure. Everyone deals with situations different, but for me it hurt like hell and im still struggling to forgive my self from 3yrs ago. Its road that is rough, emotional, and long to crawl on. I definitely recommend bringing someone who will be considerate of ur feelings and who will be there help u smile. Please dont hesitate to ask me any questions if u have any , or just want to talk.

i was raped and am trying to deal with this on my own.i did nothing wrong.something i have to deal with the rest of my life.being raped.

Hi Little Bee, I am so sorry that you are going through this alone, but I really do hope that if you have any doubt whatsoever, you'll give this a chance. Please know that I am here to support you in any way that I can.

Little Bee, wanted to check in & let you know we're all thinking of you.



Hi, little bee,
Hope u have found someone to go with u by now. Best wishes,

Hi Little Bee, how are you doing and how are you feeling? I hope all is well.

I am scared to have to go thur this abortion but i know its what i have to do.ppl should under stand where i am coming from.if you were ever raped you know where i am coming from.its a hard thing to deal with alone.also takes a long time to get over it and maybe you never do.i really don’t know.but i hope i can someday.

Little Bee, I am truly so sorry for what you went through and are currently dealing with. Please know that we are here to support you in any way that we can. This is a safe, loving, and compassionate environment. Please feel free to share anything that you are comfortable with. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

I understand your anger and personally I would be doing the same hard as it is to do. Adoption isn't a great choice since you'd be living with that decision for the rest of your life as well..And according to my biological mother who gave me up for adoption and who also had an abortion...the toughest and hardest choice to live with was giving me up. I'm sure you don't want to be reminded every day that your were raped by looking at the child if your were to keep it. I think most women can understand you...those that regret their abortions were not raped and so it's become a regret for them...your a completely different situation. I'm only sorry you don't have any one to help you in your procedure...must make people uncomfortable knowing what happened to you and the ungoing consequences of being raped. My hope for you is to find someone supportive in your decision and for you to recover emotionally and physically from all of this.If you lived nearby, I'd take you...

little bee: I really apologize, I missed the response/explanation of why you were going through with the abortion. I can definitely understand why you chose to make the decision. Again i apologize...I am glad u found someone to go with you and who understood. I wish you peace, for your mind, heart, and spirit, so that you may be able to move forward/ continue to move forward from that. I pray that you will be blessed with many ppl to support you positively and only do good for you.

yes i am very lucky to have really good friends that love me very much.i am getting the help i need to move on.hopefully some day i’ll get over this and can move on.i put all this in gods hands to help me thur each day.thats for your support and every ones support.glad i have an out let and ppl to talk to if i need to.

Am so glad you gave us an update honey as we're all thinking about you, go easy on yourself & day by day.

Your in my heart & Big HUG.


Little Bee, it is so wonderful to hear that you are getting help and surrounded by loving friends. Stay on this positive path that will move you to the next positive phase of your life. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Reading your situation I feel that you shouldnt GO.. I know it is hard especially if you dont have anyone, But help is out there!! Or maybe consider even giving the baby up for adoption.. Have you thought about that?? I hope that the lord gives you strength to make the right choice.. Go with your heart Love

You really should check out

They can provide support and prayer and a place to stay!!!