Really Struggling tonight with myself

Really Struggling tonight with myself

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I frikin hear ya man. What is up my fweind?

there is just a lot going on right now and my head is like a battlefield right now, how about you?

@Chntbrnkr same man. I got infantry going at em with dogfights in the air and naval ships bombarding the enemy. Just a lot going on from college to romance to the future. Wanna talk about it?

I'm sorry to hear your having a hard time, I'm really struggling with feel worthless, useless and like nothing i will ever do will be good enough

@Chntbrnkr what makes you feel all that? What gets those ideas out of my head when I think that is I try to help someone or contact someone that really loves and appreciates me and it helps

i just can't seem to help my friends, my family, and nothing i do is ever good enough no matter how hard i try and i try my hardest at everything i do, I'm just failing at life

@Chntbrnkr You can’t help everyone. It’s hard, because we love them we want to help them. Unfortunately, sometimes the help they need is outside of what we can give. It’s hard, but it not your fault.
You can only do what you can do, it doesn’t mean you are failing at life. I bet you can name 3 things you do well!