Reasons for infertility

As I am nearing my late 30s, I am starting to fear my potential to have children, most especially since I am still single. I have never been one to watch the biological clock tick, but reality is reality. Are there reasons that are controllable that cause infertility? Thank you for any and all comments.

Hey Pup, stress, overworked, mind set,physical reproduction question & probably of heck of alot more. I always think about the ones left at the "way side" of life without being able to voice their feelings & without being able to choose what THEY really want cause they are innocent babies & need us. I bet your gonna find that answer soon so I'll be looking forward to reading it. Good question, OBGYN out there anybody.......your the best pup.


p.s. I was almost 36 w/my last one, now 18 hummmmm

Hi puppydoglvr, If you have questions about your being able to have children, then I suggest seeing a doctor. There are women who have children on up into their 40s. I knew one lady who was 45 and had a baby. She was a lady I knew in recovery from alcohol. The one who can give you answers is a doctor. Keep us posted. We are here for you. ((((hugs))))

Thank you both so much for your words of wisdom,support, and advice. You are so so so fantastic. Other than actually meeting a man who I can have a child with, there are certainly factors that I need to work on such as stress and a more healthy diet [which has fallen to the wayside a bit due to my go go go lifestyle]. I am slowly but surely working on all factors. Though, I would never rule out adopting, as I know that there are so many children out there in need of homes.

I will most certainly talk to my OBGYN about this. Thank you again so much!