Recent Bout Of Arthritis

I recently had several days where my ankles and knees hurt. It was mainly my ankles. I took some Aleve which did work but it wore off and the pain started again so I took some aspirin which helped. I also soaked in a tub of water as warm as I could stand it with Epsom salt in it. I rubbed Ice on my joints. It was so hot during the time I had this bout and I was started wearing long pants because I couldn't stand any cool air on my ankle and knee joints. I always wear shorts in the summer. It lasted several days. I am thankful my ankles and knees feel better. There was also a change in the weather during this time.

Anyone else have Arthritis and what do you do for it?

Hi. Sorry to hear about your battle with the Arthritis flair up. I've got a combination of OA, RA, and Gout. The weather does have a major impact on the pain and swelling. You'll probably notice that when humidity is high and air pressure goes below 30, your pain and swelling will be worst. Don't know if you've been diagnosed with what the problem is yet, but sounds like the problem with your legs and feet may be gout. My legs and feet swell drastically when I get a chill, and I can get a chill in an 85 degree room when the weather is changing. Would suggest seeing a rhuematologist as soon as you can. They can pinpoint your problem very quickly.Lots of tests. Expensive and painful. If you're like me, I'd rather know what I'm dealing with as soon as possible.
In the meantime, Omega3, vitaminC, as much filtered water as you can stand to drink EVERY DAY, and just keep moving. All the best to you!


im new on this forum as im usually on the eating disorder site, but i also have joint problems, pretty doctor told me i had arthritis and to go to a rhuematologist. the rhuematologists i have seen so far were very nasty to me, not making me want to go back. i have a good primary care doctor, and also found another good doctor for other problems i have, but im scared to go to a rhuematologist again. i know i need to get this pain checked out and figure out what type of arthritis i have, but im scared to. i will soon.

my pain is usually in my elbows, neck, sometimes knees ,ankles, and hands.... i used to get it bad in my lower back, but that is doing better...the worst is in my elbows--that pain is so bad it keeps me up at night.

if you are wondering, yes i am young to have arthritis, but it comes in all ages. if you do not treat your body well for many years and abuse it, chronic diseases will come. and thats what happened to me.

i ususally treat it with flaxseed or evening primrose oil, or enzymes and vegetable juice( i have a juicer) and also COq10. the veggie juice really works well and also the COq10 works well. i was suprised the COq10 works so well, cause it is for the heart, but it does the job pretty well.

i dont take antiinflammatories mainly cause of the severe side effects. even my doctor told me not to take it every day. sometimes ill take ibuporphen. and if i were to get an antiinflammatory i liked, i would take that sometimes as well...

anyway, just wanted to say hello

thanks for letting me share..


Hi Christa
Sorry to hear about your problems with rhuematologists. I've found some that have major attitudes, almost like if you're not crippled by RA, they don't need to see you. Mine is very good, but 110 miles away. Can't get there as much as I should. Lots of phone conversations.
I've got a combination of OA,RA,and Gout - understand the pain and sleepless nights. If I can help in any way, let me know. In the mean time, many blessings to you!

thanks gray,

yeah, another thing that happens is because im young the rhuematologists dont take me seriously. they kinda scoff at me saying im too young to have joint problems, although it can happen later on in life, it can also happen while younger…so it is ridiculous to get bad treatment just because of my age, so it makes me not want to talk about that pain to doctors for fear of rejection. but i did have one doctor agree with me and find evidence of arthritis so, im getting those results in (medical records) that i can show to doctors. i do have a great primary care and gastro doc, now i just need to find a good rheumatologist. the only thing is i wouldnt want to take antiinlflammatories every day, cuz of the side effects.

it seems that in severe weather it is the worst, like in the extreme heat and when the weather changes, like hot to humid/cool. ugh, hate that. and yes i am more accurate than a meteorologist in predicitng rain, haha. rain just hurts.

vitamin C does help , when i took it every day, i had less flare ups. i might go back to that again, a high does of vitamin c. did help.

thanks to you all,

and hoping the best for everyone here!

I too am a sufferer of some of this & try to walk my dogs at least 3 to 4 times a week if I can & notice that I'm not as stiff/sore/swollen. I'll try some of the other remendies you guys have suggested & what about Vitiman E, 400 IU's daily? Thanks

hi april , yes excercise does help, but for me, i have a tendency to work out too much which really really hurts my joints. i work out in moderation now.

i find strength training to be especially hard, i can barely do it the pain is soooo bad. ugh... i can do my legs, but the arms??? i can just barely do it and end up in severe pain later from it. it is awful...but i do want to strengthen my arms so i force myself to train my arms, at least a little.

i wonder if others take for granted the use of their joints, and how hard it is for us who dont have that luxury???


Thats what my sister said w/osteo (she a physical therapist in CA.) guess I'm not working all the joints correctly w/walking 150lbs of dogs but was proud of myself just the same for @ least trying, thanks for that christa, love ya

Working out is going to hurt and may actually do damage.
Suggest stretching exercises (like yoga) and breathing exercises. Tai Che, yoga, meditation can be far more beneficial.

I bought my mom a stationary bike several years ago. She has been riding it everyday since. She says it really helps with her knees and ankles. I have a stationary bike also and I hopped back on it yesterday. I plan to do it again today. Got to make a start somewhere.

Also my knees and ankles did hurt some when I woke yesterday morning. I checked the humidity and air pressure and sure enough it was as you said Graywolf. The humidity was high and the air pressure was below 30. I have known for a while from reading that if the barometric pressure drops you can experience more problems with arthritis. I have experienced this before especially if we have a tropical storm or hurricane in the forecast for our area.

yes weather does affect joint pain,as it always does me like with rain, humidity, weather changes...

it is hard to bear thorugh, but hopefully we can find ways to help our pain so it is bearable.

my pain happens at night mainly, i dont know why. i swear i could look at the clock when the pain hits, usually it is around 9;00, i wonder why nighttime hits so hard.

thanks everyone for your advice


Tends to hit at night just because you've been up and moving all day - body's tired, you're tired,and you start noticing the pain more. I tend to hurt most at night, but find I'm stiffest in the morning.

I think also the pain is worse at night and in the morning because of lack of motion. I can wake up with stiffness but after moving around for a while I will feel some better. I mean there are times when I sit for too long where I have stiffness so definitely lack of motion.

yes i agree with gray, i do think it is becasue youre body is tired from all the moving around, and your body gets fatigued.....

it is hard, i would rather deal with pain in the day, casue at night time, you cant sleep....

thanks everyone


Nobody mentioned V-E, Christa mentioned some of the Q's & I know one has to be careful with some of these & what dosage on V-C, guess orange juice & milk/certain foods, weather being a sure factor, obviously isnt enough w/exercise but I notice if feel better.


now, im not sure about vitamin E but thats something ill definetly check out, but as far as vitamin C is concerned, ive heard you can take higher dosages and it is safe--but im not 100% sure. i would take say , 500 mg of vitamin C or and orange a day( i perfer the orange) .

the Coq10s yes, i would say get a doctor to tell you if this is ok for you. it does have a tendency to lower blood presure so i cant take my usual flaxssed with it, which sucks cause flaxseed helped sooooo much. sigh. but instead i take something called evening primrose oil--it is great! it helps with my joint pain, and also is a mood calmer and makes you feel happier, and also good for feminine issues. i cannot take flaxseed and evening primrsoe oil together cause my BP goes wayyyy low and i get very very ill. so i chose evening primrose oil. i dont know if EPO is good for men or not...

i also use digestive enzymes and i take cinnammon every day. cinammin helps with swelling and is great for regulating blood sugar.

the veggie juice is the best, i havent had time to make it is a couple weeks, and i already feel the joint pain and lack of energy without it. it does make a difference.

some people use turmeric, but i had an allergic reaction to that, so i stay away from it.

i also heard cherries are good for arthritis, which i love and eat every day( until out of season).

hope this helped!