Recent development... After everything that happened lately,

Recent development... After everything that happened lately, my narc was sending lots of emails from a different account on New Years Eve, claiming his love, how much he was missing me and how he didn't want to go into 2016 us not talking (he was blocked everywhere). Story carried on for the next two days. Finally I gave in and agreed to meet him to talk and collect my stuff that he didn't want to give back. He was supposed to take on a new job (after being unemployed for 18 months) in different city that is at least 2 hours drive from me. He was going to put all the stuff in the storage as he was getting free accommodation with the job, hence I needed my stuff. Gosh, when I saw him, he apologised for everything he's done profusely, admitted to being wrong and even admitted that he was falling into depression after retiring from the army after 24 years service. He, who never admits any wrong doing, any depression and who never ever apologise.
Then things took a full U-turn!!! Instead of leaving for the new job and free accom. as he so wanted, he refused the job. He applied for a 6-week course to become a Personal Trainer 10 miles away from my home, rented a room and plans to apply for a job in MY gym!!! He never ever payed rent for any accommodation and never wanted to rent! He never wanted to live in my area (he lived 70 miles away in a military camp) as it is so expensive, unless he could live at mine for free. Now, after almost 6 weeks of no relationship and barely talking, being in no contact for 4 weeks (2 and 2) he made decisions so quickly and so drastically different to his normal self. 3 years he was running away from any commitment and now he is planning his future around my home! He even admit to holding me in the virtual prison with his insecurities and that it's not the way to live and he will change that. He wants to go to see somebody to get help with the relationship... 6 months ago I would be over the moon about such a drastic change. Today I feel like the walls are closing in, feeling like I can't breathe. All the freedom he promises and I feel like I am loosing last bit of it... All I can see is him walking into that part of my world that wasn't contaminated yet and trying to turn it against me as he did with the skydiving world in the past. What are your thoughts?

He will do it until he feels he has u back where he wants u again. Then he will be relax and lose the mask whike turning around and wearing it for someone else. Its a cycle and a game. Please get out and save yrself and yr sanity.

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I hard to sound negative and I may be wrong and tainted from years and years of BS and false promise but they have a talent for saying and doing just enough to reel you in and then bam all back to BS in no time. You deserve way more but SG here no matter what you decide just stay safe and sane and be careful and remember you are not alone if it all goes wrong. Trust your gut

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