Recently a friend of mine went through a break up. Her bf du

Recently a friend of mine went through a break up. Her bf dumped her suddenly to get engaged to someone. I have been trying to pacify her. When she narrates her thoughts and emotions, I seem to pick them up. I have been through a divorce with a narc and I'm still tryin to get over another narc. It isn't helping me to re live the whole experience through her. She was there for me when I was going through the crisis and I would hate to let her ho through it alone. But today I told her that the discussion is pointless and I am getting very affected with it. Since 2 nights I have been crying bad. I had a splitting headache all day today and I not only feel like begging my ex narc husband to take me back, but also kept checking on my narc crush to see if he is online. This is insane. I have never felt so helpless and without hope. This could partly be because I don't have a job currently and hence free time on hand. But it's taking me down. Knowing that your ex will find someone and settle down isn't very comforting, especially when u have been wronged and u secretly wish for justice.

Yea he will find another victim. Use and abuse her til she catches on and leaves or he leaves her. Then onto the next. Do really envy that? Take comfort in knowing he cant get anymore supply from you. He will never have u again.

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Or they eventually realise the error of their ways and become the person they always wanted to be. I prefer if someone leaves my life to wish them all the best, it doesn't mean I condone their actions I just don't write them off as human beings

@Yellowrose10 it seems her bf was already looking for a supply and discarded her unannounced. i dont think he was a narc but i surely think her boss is a narc because he wrote an anonymous letter to the guy talking horiible things about my friend and also places some sort of tracker in her car that would inform him of where she would go. this is just getting messier. she has decided to get legal help and i have stopped asking her more info as i just do not want my mind to be working towards that direction again.