Recently diagnosed

Hello, everyone. I have a daughter (13) who was diagnosed as having a scoliosis a month ago. We live in Oahu and are a Kaiser member. We were referred by K's doctor to apply at Shriner's. We've been waiting for them to call us for the first examination, but they haven't. Her back has one curvature over 40. I know she needs surgery (per my layman's knowledge). I faxed twice and my husband phonee them before. They said they were going to contact us the following week, which they hadn't.
I'm afraid her back is going to break into pieces one day and I'm very concerned. I don't want to panic, but I think I'm starting to panic.

My heart goes out to you, wish I had enough words to ease your fears/pain. As a parent one cant bear to see our kids suffer & wish we could kiss it all away. My thoughts are with you & talk w/us when you feel like it we're listening.

All my strengths.