Recently diagnosed

I am wondering if someone can help, I have recently been diagnosed with herpes and I have read some information about it but I am very scared about having it and wondering if someone who has it can tell me more about it from a first hand perspective

Thank you in advance

Don't be scared!!! It isn't deadly!!! However, it can be painful and annoying lol. Just make sure not to stree out (that causes outbreaks), take Lysine supplement, and use condoms! Try not to worry about it. You are still you and all it really is, is a skin condition. Smile and make this experience positive!!! ((((Hugs)))

It's painful, but you can get through it. I have genital herpes. I had my first outbreak the week of Christmas. I admit that I cried when the culture results came back positive for herpes. I got it from my exhusband and would have never known it if I hadn't gotten pregnant by my current husband. The doctor said it didn't act up until now because my immune system is weak now from my pregnancy. We don't know if my husband got it from me. He's getting tested this week. This support group and my friends and family have helped me cope with this. Keep thinking positive. It's the only way to get through any hard time. Are you having an outbreak right now?

I am currently taking medication for my very 1st outbreak which I must admit was very painful. I have told a few of my friends but they don’t seem to understand how I’m feeling. I am not quite sure wether to tell my mum as we don’t have that kind of relationship. I have been very sexually active in the past but now I’m thinking I may never want to have sex again and telling someone makes me just want to cry all the time.

I haven't told my actual blood relatives. My husband's family has been super supportive. I have friends that know several people with herpes. You can have sex, you just have to be careful. If someone doesn't want to be with you because of herpes, then you don't need them. Someone who truly cares about you won't care that you have this. My husband and I were already married when I found out that I have herpes. He knows that I possibly gave it to him too. He said that we will work through this together. That's why I say that if someone doesn't want ro be with you because of herpes, that just shows you that they don't truly care about you and you're better off without them.

Thank you for your help. This is going to sound really silly but please forgive me still new to this, you say be careful and all the leaflets say different things and I think they are scarring me more. I know I will have to use protection all the time now but how long do I leave it after I have an episode and will I know when I'm having another one as the 1st one was very painful do they hurt less and if I was to have casual sex with protection with no symptoms do I tell them what I have ?

Sorry for all the questions but you are really helpful

I’m very new to this whole thing too- not even recovered from my first outbreak- But I’ve already been harnessing the power of the internet into finding online herpes-exclusive dating sites. It’s like having our own club- no need to worry about cursing somebody else with the gift of a lifetime.

It's best not to be that person that gives it to someone without their knowledge. Tell them be open and honest with them. I will say it can be difficult at times.

I have been told that the first one is the worst. I have only had one outbreak so I don't know. My doctor told me to wait at least a week after outbreaks before having sex. She said if I feel like I'm about to have an outbreak, dot have sex.