Recovery Help Suggestions I've been listening to music. D

Recovery Help Suggestions

I've been listening to music. Does anyone have suggestions of songs? Here's what I currently listen to:

1. Christina Perri - "Jar of Hearts"
2. Kesha - "Praying"
3. Selena Gomez - "It Aint' Me"
4. Sia "Elastic Heart"
5. Nicki Minaj and Skylar Grey "Bed of Lies"

Are you looking for songs that relate to what you’re going through? I used to listen Better man by little big town on repeat, and of course we are never getting back together by Taylor swift!

Wow . Just thinking to post on the same thing . Lol. A song could do magic to me uplifting me out of the gutter and getting me through a tough night. Bringing me back to my senses. Music is great. It is the universal language of human soul.

Dancing on my own by Robyn :)

It’s been difficult to me to find songs for Narcissim the way I feel about it. However I have been listening some with bits and pieces of how I feel.

In English

“ set fire to the rain”
“Love yourself vs f*** yourself”
“ turning tables”

And funny enough a song that my Narc wife recently sent me which I find really proving my every point “ I got issues” . Lol

‘Set Fire to the Rain’ is another great one! So is ‘Turning Tables’

Justin Bieber "love yourself"
Katy perry "roar" and "fireworks"
Rachel platten "fight song"
Carly Simon "you're so vain"
Some of these get me thru my day.

That Bieber song is truly fitting! Lol

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Going Under by Evanescence is one of my guilty pleasures:)

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