Refeeding is terrible

i hate refeeding i hate haveing to eat all the stuff on my plate i end up chewing for 15 minutes at a time because i feel like im going to puke when i swallow . my husband says that not haveing a choice to eat or not is supposed to be comforting... its not it ,pisses me off

i went to the doctor today and he told me if i dont start eating more im going to become infertile and i want to get better but i dont know how

Do you suffer from an eating disorder?

yes i do im never hungry even when i havent eaten in a few days food makes me want to puke

You must think of food as your medicine - a necessary part of your daily life and each meal as you are taking a dose of your medicine. I find eating to be less over whelming this way..

but when i eat i just puke it back up . i have trouble keeping down saltines

i dont know what to do

Are you being treated by someone for your ED?

my husband is trying to help me

You really ought to seek out the help of a professional who is equipped to deal with ED's...

i have she told me i needed to start eating or i would become infertile i would get sick and then i would die so my husband is makeing me eat

Ummm...I would seek out a different doctor who can properly guide you instead of enforcing scare tactics...

well thats whats going to happen

Yes, I would point out that refeeding can be VERY, VERY DANGEROUS if not supervised by an appropriate professional.

i don't have ED however I have had stomach ulcers and other digestive issues... seek help of not just a dr specializing in ED but also a nutritionist who does as well... I was told when you don't eat for so long that your body will reject all food cause it sees it as foreign. You need professional help in adjusting your body to food or it can back fire on you.

thanks i didnt know that

my old doctor had me on a liquid diet for awhile because it was the only thing i kept down i might need to go back to that